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Under our Creative Commons license, you can use our original stories for free.  All we ask is that you follow a few simply rules as described below.

Creative Commons

Original Stories by Saludify are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Frequently Asked Questions

What content can I use from Saludify?

You can use our original stories and blogs in your online publications, except where noted.

What content is not included in this license?

Our images, videos and photographs are not included in this license. You can’t republish our photographs, videos and images without express permission. Hot-linking is expressly forbidden.

Content attributed to wire services, organizations and others may be excluded from this license.  In such cases, the exception will be disclaimed at the bottom of the story’s page.  If you have any doubts about eligible content, please contact us at [email protected]

Print rights are not covered under this license. If you would like to use our stories for a print publication please contact us to arrange the details

How do I credit the stories?

To credit us you must include the author’s name and  Saludify in the byline. A link to the original article on our site must also be present.


By: Name Lastname, Saludify

(Please make sure that you are crediting Saludify, not the section where you found the piece.)

The stories must have a link back to the original article in Saludify and the title of the article must be included in the anchor text.


Originally published by [link]Saludify [/link] as: [link] Original title of the story pointing to the original story on Saludify’s site[/link]

For the article  ”Why your fat burning workout is all wrong”,  attribution would look like this:

Originally published by Saludify as “Why your fat burning workout is all wrong.”

In addition, you also need to add the following code to the page. 

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”” async=”true”></script>

Please add this code in text/html mode.


Do I need to leave the links that come as part of the article?

Yes, these must be left intact since they provide context or sources that are part of the story.

Can I curate the headline?

You are free to curate o change the headline to one you find more suitable, however, the content of the story must remain intact.

Editing Permissions

Our material can be edited but only to reflect changes in dates or location, additionally, links must be left intact. Any other revisions or additions must be conducted with permission from Saludify.

Do you allow commercial use?

We do allow commercial use of our stories with some reasonable limitations. Our stories can be displayed in pages with ads but these ads cannot be specifically sold for our stories. In other words, if you run ads on your site, you are more than welcome to use our stories, but you can’t specifically sell or target our content in a campaign.

RSS Feeds

You are welcome to subscribe to our RSS channel but you can’t auto-publish our feeds on any site without our express permission. The stories should be selected the old-fashioned way since we want you to publish only the content that fits your audience.

What’s the point of sharing your content under this license?

Great question. We sincerely believe that sharing our content under this license will allow all types of media, be it traditional, bloggers and new media to leverage our high quality content in all topics. It also allows you to benefit from our resources and work to create quality content, and complement all the hard work you already do. By doing so, we’ll further our mission to educate and catapult Latino issues into the mainstream media.

I want to learn more about Creative Commons

You can visit the Creative Commons site for more information.