VOXXI™ is an independent voice for Hispanic America, committed to transforming the digital media landscape and catapulting Latinos into the forefront of American dialogue. Our goal is to become “The Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century,” a mission that we reflect closely in our name. “Vox” comes from the Latin word for voice, and XXI is the roman numeral for 21.

    At VOXXI, we aim to fill a void in the mainstream media by delivering great journalism and telling captivating stories that educate, engage and entertain, all with a Hispanic touch and enriched by the power of social media. We will defend the role of Hispanics in this nation by providing a news platform where Latinos can be heard and respected. As an independent voice, VOXXI fosters an open and dynamic dialogue, empowering our community to act and react on current events and trends.




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