VOXXI™ is an independent voice for Hispanic America, committed to transforming the digital media landscape and catapulting Latinos into the forefront of American dialogue. Our goal is to become “The Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century,” a mission that we reflect closely in our name. “Vox” comes from the Latin word for voice, and XXI is the roman numeral for 21.

    At VOXXI, we aim to fill a void in the mainstream media by delivering great journalism and telling captivating stories that educate, engage and entertain, all with a Hispanic touch and enriched by the power of social media. We will defend the role of Hispanics in this nation by providing a news platform where Latinos can be heard and respected. As an independent voice, VOXXI fosters an open and dynamic dialogue, empowering our community to act and react on current events and trends.

    National Latino leader and philanthropist, Dr. Salomon Melgen and renowned journalist and editor, Emilio C. Sánchez  founded VOXXI in August 2011. VOXXI’s headquarters are in Miami with a growing team spanning locations across the United States, Latin America and Europe.  VOXXI is part of La Vox Media Group.

    Our Team

    Emilio Sanchez- President & Editor in Chief

    Emilioeditededited1Emilio is a renowned editor with over 25 years of experience in Spain, Brussels, Washington and Miami. Recently awarded 2012 Top Digital Media Professional by Portada magazine, he has joined the George Washington University’s Council for Media and Public Affairs. Emilio has extensive media experience in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. He is a frequent guest on U.S., Latin American and Spanish television like Univision and CNN En Español. He is also the president of the Spain-Florida 500 Years Foundation, a private, non-profit organization. He graduated with a degree in Information Science from Spain’s University of Navarra.

    Daniel Lastra- Managing Editor

    Daniel Lastra pic

    Daniel Lastra grew up in Miami, Florida and is the first generation of his Cuban-American family born in the United States. His experience as a journalist includes Univision, CBS and WSVN. In his spare time he likes to do yoga, visit the beach and travel.

    Jose Oliveros- Managing Editor of Sports


    Jose was born in Bogota, Colombia and at 3 years old he moved with his family to New York City. He spent 5 cold winters there until his family decided they had enough of the cold and moved to Sunny Miami. He has a passion for anything and everything in the sporting world. Jose previously was the head of sports for Terra USA for 5 years.

    Daysi Calavia-Robertson- Multimedia Editor


    Born in Miami, Daysi has a BA in Mass Communications from Florida International University. Her articles have appeared in The Miami Herald, The Sun-Sentinel, The South Florida Times and The Queens Courier in New York. She is the web producer for http://www.elnuevoherald.com. No matter what the medium, Daysi believes in the power of storytelling.

    Jessica Roiz- Multimedia Editor

    Jessica Roiz
    Jessica L. Roiz is a multimedia journalist with a BS in Communications from FIU. She has published multiple times in The Miami Herald and many of her stories have been featured on Huffington Post’s Latino Voices. Traveling to Nicaragua, listening to Latin alternative, dancing bachata and reading Paulo Coelho are a few of her favorite things.

    Darlanne Martinez- Community Manager

    Darlanne Martinez Darlanne is a Miami local. She received a B.A. in Psychology from Florida International University. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, catching up on the latest TV show, and playing with her cats.

    VOXXI on Social Media

    At VOXXI, we know that your voice counts. Our social strategy is designed to help individual voices be heard, a task we accomplish through the use of the various social networks and encouraging conversation and discussion.

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    VOXXI on Creative Commons

    To fulfill the growing demand for Latino oriented news and information, we share our content under a Creative Commons license. “This is a natural step in VOXXI’s evolution…pioneering Hispanic journalism in the XXI century. Granting access to our original high quality content, analysis and commentary, will further our mission of bringing Latinos into the forefront of mainstream media,” said Emilio C. Sanchez, president & editor-in-chief of VOXXI.

    Under Creative Commons, online publications can use our blogs and news stories for free. You can learn more about our Creative Commons policies here.

    Want to contribute to VOXXI? We are always looking for new contributors to provide unique perspectives on anything from culture to politics. You can find all the information you need to become a part of our team at our “Contribute to VOXXI” page.

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    VOXXI Chairman & Co-Founder

    Dr. Salomon Melgen is a national Hispanic leader, world-renowned ophthalmologist and retina specialist, philanthropist and a lifelong advocate for empowering Latinos to achieve the American Dream.

    Dr. Salomon Melgen

    VOXXI’s founder, Dr. Salomon Melgen.

    Creating VOXXI was a longtime dream of Dr. Melgen because he wanted to give Latinos a voice, and without a powerful news media on their side, the Hispanic community would be unable to have access to the main power of the nation and influence American public opinion.

    “I am very excited about this opportunity to shine a light on the role that Hispanics play in sharing U.S. history. Hispanic Americans will continue to impact and define the shape of U.S. economic, political and social landscapes and VOXXI.com will be their voice,” said Dr. Melgen.

    Dr. Melgen was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and went on to graduate summa cum laude from the Dominican Republic’s National University, Pedro Henriquez Ureña. He continued his education in the United States where he experienced the struggles of being an immigrant firsthand.

    Dr. Melgen received his Retina Fellowship Training at Harvard University, the most competitive program in the nation becoming Chief Fellow, and since has been practicing for over 20 years. He was the first surgeon to perform outpatient retina surgery in South Florida and became a pioneer in laser therapy.

    He has received a great deal of recognition for his work including the “Lifetime Honorary Member Award,” from the Dominican Healthcare Association of Florida in 2012, the Community Service Award in 1997 by the Florida Society of Ophthalmology, and the Guanin National Science award in 2010. He was also the youngest recipient of the Medal of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella, the most prestigious award bestowed by the Dominican Republic Government for charity work.