Jennifer Lopez takes ice-bucket challenge.
Jennifer Lopez takes on the ice-bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS. These other latino stars also jumped on the bandwagon. (Photo: Instagram/@JLo)

By now you’re probably aware of the latest fad in social media –the ice-bucket challenge. If so, you should also know that it’s for a good cause. Many people around the world, including celebrities and athletes, have jumped on the bandwagon of this icy cause.

The trend is fun and contagious, but at the same time it raises awareness and money for causes such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, breast cancer and a camp for kids who have lost their fathers to war.

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As of Monday, the ALS Association has received $15.6 million in donations compared to $1.8 million during the same time period last year (July 29 to August 18).

The Associated Press reported that the fundraising phenomenon asks those willing to douse themselves to challenge others to do the same within 24 hours. If they don’t, they must make a donation to a certain charity.

Each person who participates nominates more friends, who nominate more friends, who nominate still more friends, which explains why the trend has exploded, reports AP.

In the midst of all the freezing frenzy, we found some of our favorite Latino stars and athletes who have accepted the challenge.

Shakira & Pique

Romeo Santos

Prince Royce

Jennifer Lopez

Leo Messi

Ricky Martin


Cristiano Ronaldo


Neymar Jr.

Selena Gomez

Eva Longoria


Mario Lopez

Camilo Zuñiga

David Bisbal


Pocho Lavezzi

Carlos Ponce

Maite Perroni

Jaime Camil

Luis Fonsi

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