Four reasons why Stephen Colbert should replace David Letterman

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    Stephen Colbert

    Stephen Colbert Is CBS’ top choice to succeed Letterman, and he’s into it.(AP photo)

    It’s only been a day since David Letterman announced that he would be retiring from the ‘Late Show’ in 2015, and people are already speculating who his replacement will be.

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    Mashable reported that Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert may be CBS’s top choice to replace Letterman. Should the 50 year old satirist take over? YES … and here’s why.

    He’s Available

    Letterman said that he would be retiring in 2015 — but left the specific date a little ambiguous. This opens the way for Colbert whose contract with Comedy Central runs through 2014.

    The timing would be ideal for both hosts and would make the transition easy.

    Also, it would make sense that it would be Colbert to leave his show, as Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ is seen as Comedy Central’s flagship show. Colbert started as a correspondent on the ‘Daily Show’ before he took over the spinoff.

    He’s Hilarious

    The first criteria any good host needs and boy does Colbert have it. You know he’s a good satirist when people actually start taking what he’s saying in his pseudo-conservative character as something real.

    Colbert is known for some over the top shows and isn’t afraid to make fun of touchy subjects. He would definitely make ‘Late Show’ a strong competitor in late night.

    He’ll bring in the younger generation

    There is no doubt that Letterman is a legend but lets’s face it, he’s getting up there. The new generation wants to see a new kind of late night show (i.e. the Jimmies, both Kimmel and Fallon). It might be time to get a younger host who will move the show into the future and restructure it to appeal to millennials.

    Colbert is just that guy to bring in that crowd. Comedy Central is already known for having a younger audience — who will likely move to watching Colbert on CBS.

    In a time where we’ve already Jay Leno retire and Jimmy Fallon take over the ‘Tonight Show’ we may be seeing the final change to usher in the next generation of late night.

    It’ll be the first time we see the REAL Colbert in action

    Colbert is known for showing up on other shows still in his Comedy Central character. However, if he were to take the gig at CBS he would have to leave his persona behind and be himself — and that’s just too interesting to pass up.

    Colbert has sometimes broken character, but never intentionally. This will be our chance to see the real Colbert go all out.

    How will real Colbert compare with with the ‘persona Colbert?’

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