7 Fascinating facts about the Queen of Tejano

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    Only a true Selena Quintanilla fan knows that her favorite food was pizza, favorite flowers were white roses and she had a Faberge egg collection!

    But there are many more interesting and fun facts about the late Queen of Tex Mex that many are probably not aware of.

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    You may, however, have received the Selena 101 course on the “Amor Prohibido” singer when Jennifer Lopez portrayed the star in the biopic, “Selena.”

    In commemoration of the Mexican-American reina and her legacy, we put together some interesting and fun facts about Sel!

    Selena Quintanilla in 7 amusing details

    1) She was “meant” to be a boy!

    Selena Quintanilla's parents thought she would be a boy.

    Selena Quintanilla was born a healthy 5-lb baby on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Tx. (Facebook@LoveSelena)

    Selena’s parents were convinced that their third child would be a boy upon learning of the pregnancy. They even picked out the name, Marc Antony.

    2) “I love Los Dinos!”

    Selena Quintanilla and her band Los Dinos.

    Selena and her family were always close. Band members in ‘Los Dinos’ included sister Suzette, brother A.B. III and husband Chris Perez. (Facebook/@LoveSelena)

    A 9-year-old Selena was the only one who enjoyed rehearsing with “Los Dinos.” Her siblings A.B. III and Suzette, also in the band, preferred to play with their friends.

    3) The perfect role model

    Selena Quintanilla was true to her fans.

    She never let stardom get to her. Selena was humble and never refused to sign an autograph. (SelenaForver.com)

    She once turned down a leading role in a telenovela because of its steamy scenes. Flaunting her perfect body in bustiers and tight pants was her ‘sexy’ limit.

    Selena Quintanilla always kept true to her values and never wanted to mislead her fans.

    When she was not singing, she was found doing a lot of community work and giving educational talks at local schools.

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    4) Fashionista, fashionista

    Selena Quintanilla had a passion for fashion.

    One of Selena Quintanilla’s passion was fashion. (Facebook/@LoveSelena)

    As a child, she envisioned designing her own clothes and jewelry. She later accomplished her goal by opening her own boutique, and also designed every outfit she ever wore on stage.

    5) First Latina & Tejana star to…

    Selena Quintanilla was first tejano artist to win a GRAMMY.

    Despite her short-lived career, Selena Quintanilla’s talent and charisma managed to nab the star many prestigious awards in music. (SelenaForever.com)

    Her talent began to get acknowledged as early as 1983. In fact, Selena Quintanilla was the first-ever artist to be honored with many prestigious titles, are you ready?

    • First female tejana recording artist to score a Gold Record with “Ven Conmigo”
    • First Latin artist to be signed with EMI
    • First Latin artist to debut at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 with “Dreaming of You”
    • First tejana artist ever to win a GRAMMY award
    • First Latin and female artist ever to place five consecutive albums in Billboard 200 top Selling albums in the U.S. and UK.

    6) The no-fans fear

    Selena Quintanilla was always worried about her performances.

    Selena Quintanilla was never aware of how impacting and big her success was. Her legacy still lives 19 years after her passing. (Photo credit: Blanca Charolet/@LoveSelena)

    Her biggest fear was that no one would attend her performances. Nonetheless, she always filled up venues with fans and admirers. After every performance, she’d ask her father “How did I do?”

    7) A song for her abuelitos

    Selena Quintanilla wrote songs about love.

    Selena’s “Amor Prohibido” celebrated its 20-years since its release in March 1994. (Facebook/@SelenaForever99)

    “Amor Prohibido” was written about her grandparents. In addition, for the video she wore two of her husband Chris Perez’s shirt, a red one and white one.

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