Shakira’s ‘hips don’t lie’ & neither will yours

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    Her amazing hips don’t lie. Certain exercises can help you with sexier hips. (AP Photo/MTI, Balazs Mohai)

    When it comes to physical fitness role models, few celebrities embody what it means to be in-shape and sexy, like singer/songwriter Latina bombshell Shakira.

    The Colombian beauty is known for her fit physique, but she is also known for staying in shape without the aid of crash dieting –something that has become all too popular among many A-list celebrities.

    While she has supported a number of exercise activities in the past, Shakira recently revealed her fitness secrets for 2014, and unlike many women who dread their fitness routine, the star is loving every minute of hers.

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    Shakira's fitness plan for 2014 includes dancing.

    Shakira says she keeps her figure by dancing and doing other sports. (AP Photo/MTI, Balazs Mohai)

    “I try to eat healthy and I try to exercise,” she told Women’s Health Magazine.

    “Not only going to the gym, because sometimes I do get tired of working out, the gym, the treadmill, the stuff that all women dread. I recently decided to just do sports, because they’re so much fun and they accomplish the same purpose, which is ultimately to keep you fit. So I planned a whole day routine or roller skating, playing basketball, and playing tennis and swimming,” Shakira said.

    She indicates sports allow her to change up her daily routine to keep the monotony of exercising at bay, and while sports have become a big part of the star’s program, she still holds on to her love of dance when it comes to fitness.

    “I think that I’ve been dancing since the moment I was born. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but I think it’s such a cultural thing too. In Colombia, people dance. It’s what you do,” she said.

    Sports to get in-shape like Shakira

    While not everyone has the ability to go out and play a calorie-busting game of basketball, sports really are for everyone. Some sports, like volleyball, require minimal equipment and can be done for fun or in a competitive atmosphere.

    To find the sport that is best for you, take a look at the following suggestions. The caloric burn indicated by NutriStrategy is based on 60 minutes of exercise for an individual weighing 155 pounds.

    Your personal caloric burn will vary depending on your weight, with more calories burned the higher your weight.

    Shakira's fitness secrets includes playing sports, like tennis.

    Tennis is a great sport to do during the months of summer. (Shutterstock)

    • Mountain biking: 598 calories
    • Cross country running: 633 calories
    • Archery: 246  calories
    • Badminton: 317 calories
    • Basketball, competitive: 563 calories
    • Boxing, in ring: 844 calories
    • Fencing: 422 calories
    • Golf: 317 calories
    • Ultimate Frisbee: 563 calories
    • Ice hockey: 563 calories
    • Horseback riding: 281 calories
    • Roller blading: 844 calories
    • Soccer: 493 calories
    • Tennis: 493 calories
    • Volleyball: 211 calories
    • Kayaking: 352 calories
    • Swimming freestyle: 704 calories
    • Ice skating: 387 calories

    While it may not always be practical to plan your day around sports, mixing in this type of activity can be a great way to take a break from the gym –without really taking a break from the gym.

    What’s more, sports can become a way to encourage family togetherness.

    Most adults spend their gym time alone; sports offers a way for entire families to get out of the house and be physically active.

    Celebrities like Shakira understand the importance of fitness and health, not just because they are in the public eye, but because the country is facing an obesity epidemic. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 69.2 percent of adults over the age of twenty are considered overweight or obese in the United States.

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