Get ready for the 2014 Twitter and Instagram Selfie Olympics

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    Selfie Olympics on Twitter

    Freestyle walking on your bathroom door? Not a problem, you must be an Olympian in the Selfie Olympics. (Twitter)

    The new year has just begun but we may have our first viral internet trend already in the making, the #SelfieOlympics.

    Taking inspiration from 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, users on Twitter and Instagram have lit the torch on the #SelfieOlympics; for the sake of safety hopefully not literally.

    Yes, you read that right, and yes it is exactly what you are thinking it is. It’s simple really.

    Take a badass selfie that will blow everyone’s mind and slap that hashtag on it.

    Then wait to get retweeted and shared all over the Internet.

    The duck face mirror selfie, the gym vanity mirror selfie and the “ready to head out” selfie, well that’s all boring. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the danger? Where’s the possibility of you parents having to call 911 after you break your bathroom door (that’ll make sense in a minute).

    A “@SelfyOlmpics” twitter account has been created retweeting some of the contenders and asking the very bold questions …. “How strong is your selfie game?”

    And let me tell you, I saw some of the tweets and they’re definitely more complex and reckless. Check out the latest contenders to join in this trend by searching #SelfieOlympics. Let’s start drafting that list of viral incidents for the new year.

    Something tells me this probably won’t end up on NBC this February.

    2011: Planking, 2013: Vadering, 2014: Door Selfies?

    Of course, when you get a cool looking selfie, people are going to mimic it, trying to take the idea and make it even better. Planking is soooooo three years ago, and sadly we left vadering back in 2013.

    May I present to you the trend fighting for the gold medal to be 2014’s first viral internet trend. Spawned from the Selfie Olympics, this is a type of selfie that many are trying to use to “compete.”

    Here is the “Door Selfie”:

    You get the basic idea, take the most reckless picture on a door that you can.

    The selfie game is strong in this one.

    How’d they up there? As usual there’s a “how to” video on YouTube for that.

    Oh, what could possibly go wrong!


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