Rafael Nadal: Marriage, kids in his future ‘I want a family’

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    Rafael Nadal, Xisca Perello, kids, marriage

    Spain’s Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello. The tennis player recently admitted to wanting to start a family but not having the stability of being in one place to do it. (AP photos)

    Rafael Nadal is a real beast on the tennis court, but when it comes to his personal like he comes off shy and introverted. That’s why a recent interview with Peruvian magazine Cosas is so surprising. The Spanish tennis player speaks openly about his desire to start a family with his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisca (Xisca) Perello as soon as his frantic sporting life schedule allows.

    “I want a family, but for now there is no rush. I want to continue with the life that I have and keep on playing tennis. Obviously it is much harder to start a family when you have an unstable life, like athletes,” he confesses.

    Nadal is always traveling, and that is, in his opinion, the biggest obstacle to him starting his own family.

    “The problem is that I have no time to be in the same place, to have a routine and an organized existence. My life is messy because I can be in Shanghai today, tomorrow in Mallorca and the day after tomorrow in Paris,” Nadal said.

    “Unlike soccer players, who travel only one day a week and then return home, we tennis players spend almost every week traveling around the planet. That makes it much more complicated for us to start a family and even keep in touch with the one we already have.”

    Nadal, known as a humble athlete, hasn’t allowed his success go to his head. Being number one in his field does not stop him from thinking ahead and realizing that someday things will change.

    “You need to be prepared for what might happen in the future because all the things that happen in the career of an athlete are temporary,” he told Cosas.

    And what are his plans for the future?

    “Clearly I have success now because I play tennis, not for who I am. When I leave my career, my life will return to normal and I won´t generate as much interest.

    One has to be prepared for this to happen, although I do not expect to have problems since I am an active person, and I know I will continue traveling and being involved in the world of sports.”

    Who is Xisca Perello, Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend ?

    Rafael Nadal, Xisca Perello, kids, marriage

    Spain’s Rafael Nadal’s mother Ana Maria Parera,, his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello “Xisca,” and sister María Isabel. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

    Despite Rafael Nadal’s sexy commercials— namely Armani– and his appearance as a sex symbol in Shakira’s “Gypsy” video, Nadal is what many consider a “good boy.”

    Decidedly, the tennis player is a one-woman man who has given his heart to Maria Francisca Perello, better known as Xisca. The beautiful 24 year-old brunette holds a degree in business administration and is as discreet as her super famous boyfriend.

    During her university years, and despite being the girlfriend of one of the wealthiest athletes in the world, Xisca would take the subway to go to college and she shared a flat with other students. Actually, she never mentioned she was Nadal’s partner, although obviously everybody knew about it.

    Xisca is a quiet but regular presence at all of Nadal’s matches, along with the player’s mother, Ana Maria, and his sister Isabel, who is a good friend of Xisca. The couple doesn’t give interviews or talk to the paparazzi. They have known each other since they were little and have been together as a couple since their teens.

    Maybe now that they’ve made the decision to marry and start a family, we’ll see more of the couple in the news. It seems that Rafael Nadal is very sure of his feelings for Xisca Perello and wanted to share them with the world. Certainly, this is a very thoughtful and proper play of a champion.

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