Shakira and Gerard Pique: Separated or expecting a baby?

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    shakira, separated, Gerard Pique

    Several media reports say that Shakira and partner Gerard Pique are separated, while others report the couple are having another baby. (Photo Twitter)

    As several respectable news outlets report Shakira and Gerard Pique have separated, the couple proclaims their happiness and announces their desire to have another baby.

    So, what’s the truth in this story?

    “We definitely want to have more children! It’s only a matter of time, we have to organize ourselves,” Shakira told the Colombian magazine Alo. “I laugh a lot lately because I’m going through a time of great personal happiness, enjoying my career and having a great time with my loved ones,” added the now nine months postpartum mother of baby Milan.

    The baby is a happy, energetic young boy who loves being in the studio with her, says Shakira. “I was amazed with how well it went the first time he came along with me, and now I’ve realized I have a little rock star at home! He loves Green Day.”

    In addition, the Colombian singer has used her Twitter account again to proclaim to the world her love for her boyfriend. On November 6th, Shakira posted “Missing today’s match because of work, but good luck Barça and good luck my love.”

    Has Gerard Pique cheated on Shakira?

    shakira, separated, Gerard Pique

    Colombia’s star singer Shakira performs with FC Barcelona Gerard Pique in May 2011. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

    Everything appears to be idyllic and perfect at the Mebarak/Pique household, but many in the media speak of an alleged crisis, including the website E! Online and the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. This report ensures that Shakira no longer lives in Barcelona with her partner, but splits her time between France and Los Angeles and only visits Spain occasionally so that Pique can spend time with their son.

    The Venezuelan magazine TV y Novelas says a source close to the couple has confirmed that they have been separated since August. They also emphasize the fact that Shakira and Pique no longer share as many images and love messages via social media.

    According to the publication, the trigger for the break up would have been an affair. There are reports that the Barça player has lived with a woman younger than Shakira, who is 10 years older than he. This rumor has not been confirmed nor is there any evidence of the alleged romance.

    Gerard Pique, video game entrepreneur

    Even though his heart is perhaps broken these days, the young player is doing as well as ever when it comes to business. Now, Pique has experienced success as an entrepreneur. He owns an online game developing company called Kerad Games, founded in 2006. Currently, the company is searching for young programmers and designers who are willing to participate in the launch of their first online game, Golden Manager.

    “Friends! Do you know that I have a video game company called Kerad Games? We need designers, developers, scrum masters and Q & A. If you want to contribute your talent and enthusiasm to Golden Manager, send me your resume as soon as possible. We are hiring new employees,” Pique announced on his Facebook page along with a photo of his team.

    Shakira delves into her charities

    shakira, separated, Gerard Pique

    Shakira at ALAS and World Bank event in 2010. (Photo

    Meanwhile, Shakira approaches the little free time that music and motherhood leave her to engage more actively in solidarity activities with her Barefoot Foundation and her projects with UNICEF. Helping the needy gives the Colombian star enormous satisfaction, so she doesn’t hesitate to encourage her fans to join as volunteers in other charitable projects. Shakira expressed this in a very moving way to Alo magazine.

    “In recent times I have seen great changes in my life. I see fame as a change to shed light on those people that are not normally heard. I believe God gave me this voice not only to sing, but to help others.”

    Apparently, the singer is a woman filled with her own happiness. Let’s hope that the joy she shares with the world lasts as long as possible, no matter the rumors.

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