Gerardo Bazua on relationship with Paulina Rubio: ‘We are very happy’

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    Paulina Rubio, Gerard Bazua

    Paulina Rubio, of “The X Factor” Season 3, is dating married Mexican singer Gerardo Bazua who at 28 is 14 years younger than her. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP)

    Mexican singer Gerardo Bazua has opened up for the first time about his relationship with Paulina Rubio. He reports to the website Televisa Espectaculos: “We are very happy, getting to know each other, living our lives and staying away from what people say, as they invent so many things.”

    The romance began last spring and although Rubio has not publicly confirmed it, she hasn’t exactly hidden their involvement from the paparazzi either. In April, rumors began to emerge when the couple traveled to Cancun together. During the summer, they were spotted enjoying the holidays with little Andrea Nicolas, Rubio and ex-husband Nicolas Vallejo-Najera’s son.

    It would appear as though Bazua has made Rubio’s heart beat with joy after her bitter divorce to Vallejo-Najera, with whom the Mexican star still hasn’t reached a satisfactory agreement regarding custody of their child. Recently, the Spanish businessman went so far as to publicly call his ex wife “crazy,” but the passionate Paulina Rubio decided not to enter her ex’s game this time. Rubio boasts a new life, new figure, new boyfriend and new professional projects. She is happy, excited and in love!

    Paulina Rubio and Gerardo Bazua: Mexican singers and lovers

    Gerardo Bazua is not a big star in Mexico yet, but he’s well on his way. These days, he’s shooting a music video for his song “Por un beso de la chula” in Los Angeles. Surely, one of the keys to the success of his relationship with Rubio is that they share the same cultural roots as well as a common passion for music and entertainment. It seems they don’t care about the significant age difference between the two of them, as Rubio  is 42 and Bazua, 28.

    The couple met during the second season of “La Voz Mexico,” where she participated as a coach on Bazua’s team. Gerardo Bazua, whom his friends call Gerry, came in third. Although he’s becoming a celebrity now, he confesses he’s not used to this sudden popularity and is taking things easy. “I try to keep my life focused on my priorities,” he says. Of course, he follows his girlfriend’s advice, as she’s a true showbiz veteran who gives him invaluable style and business tips.

    Gerardo Bazua’s ex-wife says he betrayed her

    Gerardo Bazua, Paulina Rubio

    Mexican singer Gerardo Bazua is dating Paulina Rubio. (Photo Twitter)

    However, not everyone is so happy with this love story. Bazua is officially a married man and his wife recently made some angry statements to Mexican website Her name is Yuriko Sandoval and she has been married to Bazua for 10 years . The couple has two children: Gerardo, 9, and Sebastian 2.

    Yuriko confirmed to the online publication that Bazua dumped her over the phone, confessing he was having  an affair with Paulina:

    “It was very hard to hear those words from his mouth, I just sat down to mourn. He said, “please forgive me,” and I said, ‘go, go your way and I’ll go mine,'” she says.

    About Paulina Rubio, Yuriki said that, “she should have respected Gerardo because she knew he was a married man.” However, she doesn’t blame Paulina, but instead believes her husband is at fault: “The betrayal was by Gerardo.” Actually, Yuriko believes he is dazzled by the fame, money and glamor surrounding La Chica Dorada.

    Paulina Rubio’s tempestuous love life

    Although the Mexican singer has not said a word about all that surrounds her new relationship, the photographs speak for themselves. She looks relaxed and happy for the first time in years. Gone is her failed marriage with Vallejo-Najera and her previously stormy love stories, best known being with the Spanish architect and writer Ricardo Bofill, former husband of Chabeli, daughter of Julio Iglesias.

    Despite wedding plans, Paulina Rubio left him due to their never-ending fights and conflicts. She replaced him with Mexican actor Jose Maria Torre. Both relationships were doomed as it was rumored that Bofill was unfaithful to her on several occasions, while Torre was photographed kissing another woman.

    So far, Gerardo Bazua seems totally devoted to his famous girlfriend, aside from his own marriage, that is. Time will tell if he is to become the ultimate man in the life of the Mexican songstress.

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