Who are ‘The Bachelor’ contestants Nikki Ferrell and Lacy Faddoul

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    Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor, contestants

    Juan Pablo Galavis will be the bachelor in the next season of “The Bachelor.” Two contestants, Lacy Faddoul and Mikki Ferrell, have already been revealed. (Photo Facebook/The Bachelorette)

    As the weeks before the new season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” nears, more and more information about the women who will fight it out for the heart of our new Latino bachelor just keep surfacing.

    Wet Paint has been keeping an eye out for any new possible matches for our bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis. The new season starts Monday, January 6 and will feature a record 27 contestants.

    As reported on VOXXI, two of the girls has already been named and Wet Paint has given us a little background on them. Here are two more of the lovely ladies we’ll see on the next season of “The Bachelor.”

    ‘The Bachelor’ contestants

    Contestant Nikki Ferrell

    nikki ferrell, Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor, contestants

    Nikki Ferrell has been revealed as a contestant on the upcoming season of “The Bachelor.” (Photo Explore Talent)

    The latest bachelorette searching for love with Juan Pablo Galavis is Nikki Ferrell. Wet Paint describes her as “one of the cutest girls on Season 18.”

    The 26-year-old is a resident of Kansas City and she’s also a model. Her Explore Talent profile puts her at 5’8″ and 110 pounds with hazel eyes.

    Wet Paint was also able to find her on Instagram where they report that Nikki puts “family first,” and writes “Kiddo nurse” on her profile — possible pediatrician in the making?

    That’s a bonus that Nikki seems to be kid-friendly considering that Juan Pablo has a little girl that he adores.

    She also describes herself “Dreamer,” “Life of the party,” and says she’s “currently living a fulfilled and happy life.” She seems like she’ll be fun watch in the first few episodes.

    This spunky blonde seems like she will bring a lot of good vibes to the show — let’s see if she still stays this cute little blond from Kansas City when she comes across the other girls.

    Nikki may just be the burst of happiness that could win over Juan Pablo’s heart.

    Contestant Lacy Faddoul

    Lacy Faddoul, Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor, contestants

    Lacy Faddoul has been revealed as a contestant on the upcoming season of “The Bachelor.” (Photo Facebook)

    Lacy Faddoul is a little tougher to pin down as even Wet Paint said that they couldn’t find much information on her.

    Reality Steve, however, did reveal that this gorgeous girl will be among the 27 ladies in season 18. However, Lacy remains one of the lesser Internet-present contestant on the show compared to her other cast mates.

    Here’s what we know about her: She’s about 26 years old, lives in San Diego, and “isn’t afraid to be with someone who has a camera-ready presence.”

    Her ex-boyfriend happens to be actor/model Alec Musser, who’s best known for his fitness and ripped physique. Musser’s filmography includes the movie “Grown Ups.” The two lasted until about April 2013, the last picture of them on her Facebook dated April 18.

    As far as Lacy’s profession, she works as a real estate agent and has done some modeling in the past.

    Her occupation on Facebook is listed as President/CEO at Silver Lining Manor Inc. and Owner/President at Hope Residential Care, which provides health services.

    Let us know if you think either one of these two ladies will be a good match for Juan Pablo Galavis on “The Bachelor”? The spunky cute model from Kansas City, or the more secretive CEO from San Diego?

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