Women: 5 ways to achieve a stronger orgasm, faster

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    Women can achieve a stronger orgasm, faster, by letting go of anxiety and fears

    If you want to achieve a stronger orgasm, faster, think about how much foreplay you utilize. (Shutterstock)


    When it comes to orgasms, women are a little more complicated than men, though men also need adequate stimulation and attention before climax.

    But because men tend to be fool-proof when it comes to this process, the mystery of the orgasm stays centered on women, and many of those women are looking for ways to achieve a stronger orgasm, faster.

    For some women, this may be as simple as changing–or adding–some everyday habits.

    Achieve a stronger orgasm, faster

    What are the top five ways to achieve a stronger orgasm, faster? Saludify has compiled this list of the best tips from experts.

    You need to relax

    Relaxing does not mean heading to the spa and de-stressing from the day (though that will certainly help an orgasm, too!), it means learning to let go of the worry women tend to have regarding having an orgasm.

    Because not all women can climax through vaginal intercourse, and because it sometimes takes a very specific combination of moves and caresses to bring a woman to orgasm, women tend to feel a certain amount of anxiety that they won’t peak before or with their partner.

    This will prevent women from relaxing and enjoying sex. It is also one of the most common reasons women fake orgasms.

    In order to have an orgasm faster–or just to have one, period–make sure you aren’t stressed about the process.


    Just because you have a great relationship with your partner doesn’t men he understands what you need in bed.

    Men aren’t mind readers, and they can only help you achieve a stronger orgasm, faster if you tell them what you like and what you don’t like.

    Health indicates men want direction, and if you aren’t comfortable communicating that in words, try just making encouraging noises or guiding them along. Just keep in mind your man wants to please you and if he is not, he would certainly appreciate your help.

    Know your own body

    Let’s face it; no one knows what you like more than you, but how will you know what you like if you haven’t experimented?

    Masturbation is a great way for women to explore their bodies before they get into a sexual situation with a partner. Once you know what you like, you’ll be able to communicate that to your partner.

    Women can achieve a stronger orgasm, faster, by letting go of anxiety and fears

    Don’t be afraid to visualize one of your sexual fantasies if you want to reach orgasm. (Shutterstock)

    Similarly, you can take time on your own to do Kegel exercises. These will strengthen your pelvic flood muscles and help you achieve a stronger orgasm, faster.

    Kegel can also help pleasure your partner as you can control your “grip” during vaginal intercourse.

    Masturbation also helps you discover different moves and poses that increase your pleasure.

    Don’t forget about foreplay

    If you’re skipping foreplay just to hop into vaginal intercourse because your man is ready to go, you’re shortchanging yourself on a very important part of the female orgasm.

    Women’s Health indicates orgasms are more intense for a woman if she is adequately aroused.  Arousal increases blood flow to sensitive areas and helps increase sexual stimulation.

    Foreplay can also include sexual fantasy; remember, the brain is responsible for arousal, too. Sexual fantasy can mean bringing toys into the mix or watching a sexy movie with your partner.

    Don’t rely on your partner only though. Fantasizing with whatever arouses you will help you reach an orgasm faster. Don’t feel guilty about thinking about something else if that helps you enjoy sex.

    Don’t forget to breathe

    It may seem too simple, but breathing can do a lot for you if you want to achieve a stronger orgasm, faster.

    Contrary to what you may be thinking, you do not want to slow your breathing down or try to hold it in; you want to breathe fast, which will throw the body into a state of heightened senses.

    Letting go will also help you – instead of breathing out silently, don’t be shy about making noises and moaning – you’ll be surprised how much it excites you and your partner.

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