Rapper Miss Angelina uses music to bridge her two cultures

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    Hip-hop artist Miss Angelina, Magic City

    Hip-hop artist Miss Angelina uses music to bridge her two cultures: American and Latino. (Courtesy photo)

    Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Miss Angelina combines hip-hop with dance and tropical beats to create explosively catchy songs.

    She traveled from the Jersey Shore to South Beach following her dreams to make it in the music industry and is now making a name for herself in a newly emerging genre of hip-hop she calls tropical hip-hop.

    It’s American hip-hop rhymes over tropical beats like salsa, reggae and Caribbean-style music, and it’s the sound that Miss Angelina is becoming known for in Miami.

    “I started fusing these sounds together—taking my love for tropical music, rapping and singing,” says Miss Angelina, who grew up in a mixed Puerto Rican and Italian household.

    Once she was established as a rapper in New York City’s underground scene, she began to play with different sounds and found her niche with tropical Caribbean hip-hop.  Soon after, the Miami gigs started rolling in and she traded the Shore for South Beach for an opportunity in a welcoming Latino market.

    Hip-hop artist Miss Angelina, Magic City

    Hip-hop artist Miss Angelina. (Courtesy photo)

    She was a regular performer at Purdy Lounge, a Miami Beach party playground well known to locals, Vagabond and the News Lounge.

    “That’s how I built my fan base,” says Miss Angelina.

    The dance element of her music opened the doors to working in Miami’s club scene and collaborating with DJs like DJ Sharpsound, who produced her latest single “Magic City,” a hip-hop ode to Miami. He’s the producer behind Mayday and Wreckonize, both popular in Miami’s music scene. “Magic City” also pulled in the expertise of Grammy-nominated producer ill Factor, who has worked with former “Destiny’s Child” member Kelly Rowland, Skylar Grey and Nina Sky.

    “I wrote “Magic City” to represent Miami, and also my identity as a Latina American. I rap in Spanglish and feature many Latino cultural references. I’m colorful, spunky, stylish, street smart and fierce – the contemporary Latina,” says Miss Angelina. 

    Miss Angelina, creates music inspired by her Latino roots

    hip-hop artist Miss Angelina, Magic City

    Miami-based hip-hop artist Miss Angelina released her ode to Miami with “Magic City” single. (Photo Facebook)

    You can hear the mix of hip-hip, dance and tropical beats in Miss Angelina’s 18 singles featured on SoundCloud. Her distinct sound embraces the multi-cultural and Latino influences of Miami and her heritage.

    “I’m a second generation Puerto Rican. I’ve been to Puerto Rico many, many times and it’s a part of my culture, but I’m also American,” says Miss Angelina, who sees herself as “an American kid with Latin roots.”

    “That’s a big part of my culture, how I grew up and my family. So to me it is important to look at both of those things. Yes, I am American but I also have all of these influences as part of my identity,” she adds.

    Her influences include ‘90s trendsetters Salt-N-Pepa, who became the first all-female rap group to win a Grammy.

    “They were my inspiration. As far as being a female MC, those were the first people I looked up to. I memorized all the words to their songs,” explains Miss Angelina.

    Another female trailblazer this female rapper admires is Latin music’s Gloria Estefan.  “She’s a person I really love and admire… She and the Miami Sound Machine created their own unique sound that no one else had ever really done. I really admire her for doing that, because I feel that is what I am trying to do with hip hop.”

    The Latina is working on landing a record deal with a major label and making it in the mainstream. She sees herself as an artist who can bridge American hip-hop with Latin music—and Miss Angelina is well on her way. She’s been featured on MTV’s “Man and Wife,” VH1’s “The White Rapper Show” and “The Juice” on Plum TV. While battling her way through New York City’s rap scene she won the “Most Skilled Female Rapper” and the “Battle of the Female Rappers.”

    What’s in her future? “Radio top 40,” she says with determination.

    “I want to be recognized not only as an artist, but as a bridge of the two cultures—American and Latino… I would love to find more opportunities to collaborate with people from different cultures and use music as a means to bring people together.”

    Miss Angelina’s official music video release party for “Magic City” will be at The Rooftop in Miami Beach, Fla, September 20. The video will be shown on a big screen and include a live performance of her new songs. She is also showcasing her clothing line, HiLite, in a fashion show the same night.

    For the latest on Miss Angelina’s appearances connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

    Miss Angelina’s ‘Magic City’

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