Kate Middleton vs Princess Diana – Are they really so similar?

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    Princess Diana similarities Kate Middleton

    The public has drawn attention to the similarities between Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton. (AP photos)

    While Kate Middleton is winning the heart of the British nation and the memory of the woman who would have been her mother-in-law, Lady Di, is more alive than ever in the UK.

    The adoration for Lady Di is even even more heightened as there are only days left for the release of the new biopic starring Naomi Watts as Princess Diana on September 20.

    It’s been 16 years since Diana died in a Paris car crash with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed. Unfortunately, the princess won’t ever meet her first grandson, Prince George, born on July 22 this year. But both her son William and his wife Kate keep her spirit alive in the occasions.

    The baby  was born in Saint Mary ‘s Hospital, London, just as Prince William , who was the first royal heir to come into the world in a hospital rather than at Buckingham Palace .

    Princess Diana simialrities Kate Middleton

    A Photo of Princess Diana by Mario Testino, dated 1997. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

    When the royal couple left the hospital, she posed for photographers at the same spot where Princes Charles and Princess Diana presented their newborn William.

    In addition, Kate wore a blue dress with white polka dots very similar to the one Diana wore on that occasion. And, of course, she was wearing her engagement ring, which belonged to her husband’s mother.

    Plus, the official photograph of the commitment of the Dukes of Cambridge was very similar to that Charles and Diana’s.

    The couple chose the Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, who also authored the famous and flattering latest studio photographs of Lady Di , shortly before her death in 1997. Both princesses have broken many rules at the stagnant British monarchy.

    But apart from these loving winks are Kate Middleton and Princess Diana so alike? Let’s review the differences and similarities between the two of them.

    Similarities between Kate Middleton and Princess Diana

    Family life

    Princess Diana similarities Kate Middleton

    Before Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge she grew up in a middle class family. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

    Diana was part of the British aristocracy. Her father, Edward John Spencer, was an Earl. Her mother belonged to the inner circle of King George VI.

    The couple divorced when Diana was a child and never enjoyed a happy family life, which caused her great suffering.

    Kate, however, comes from a strong and united middle class family. Her parents, Michael and Carole, met when they both worked for an airline company.

    Years after, the couple launched a prosperous children’s party business that allowed them to live comfortably and provide excellent education to their three children.

    Education and professional life

    Princess Diana similarities Kate Middleton

    A February 1981 photo of Diana Spencer before she became Princess of Wales. The photo was taken around the time Charles and Lady Diana Spencer announced they were to be married. (AP Photo)

    Kate Middleton studied art history at the University of Saint Andrews, one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. There she met William, and according to a recent biography she chased him by changing her major after it was publicly known that the prince would attend Saint Andrews.

    After graduating, she worked in her parent’s business and became a shopper for an exclusive London fashion store.

    Princess Diana, however, did not attend college or demonstrated any interest in developing a professional career, even though she worked for a short time in an exclusive nursery when she was still single.

    The princess herself acknowledged publicly that she wasn’t “very bright .” However, she proved to have a special sensitivity to music, dance and humanitarian aid.

    Royal engagements

    Princess Diana similarities Kate Middleton

    Prince Charles and wife Princess Diana take home their newborn son Prince William, as they leave St. Mary’s Hospital in London. (AP Photo/John Redman)

    The courtship between Charles and Diana lasted six months and was motivated by the pressure he received to marry, as he was already older than 30.

    Diana was a shy, virginal 20-year-old English rose when she married Charles, while he had already met the woman who would become his eternal lover and future second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. Lady Di had her first child at age 21 .

    Kate and William, by contrast , maintained a relationship for eight years, based on a solid friendship that was born in their shared college years, when they lived together as flatmates.

    The courtship was so long that the English press dubbed the future Duchess of Cambridge “Waity Katie.” They are the first royal couple who has lived together before marriage. Kate became a mother for the first time at age 31.

    Public life

    Princess Diana similarities Kate Middleton

    Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton outside of St. Mary’s Hospital where the Duchess gave birth to Prince George of Cambridge. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    Diana was the first British royal to approach people. She would greet them without gloves, knelt to talk to children, supported humanitarian causes and touched people with AIDS when it was still believed that the virus was contagious by mere physical contact.

    Kate has also won the British for her naturalness and approachability. With her smile and high-street style, the photogenic Duchess of Cambridge definitely lives up to being “the people’s princess.”

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