Kate Middleton and Prince William’s secret love story

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    Kate Middleton love story, Prince William

    Kate Middleton, the Duchess, visits Hope House, a safe, secure place for women to recover from substance dependence. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

    As The Duchess of Cambridge slowly goes back to her normal life after giving birth to Prince George, a new book titled “Kate: The Future Queen,” by Katie Nicholl, the royal correspondent for the British paper The Mail on Sunday, reveals some juicy secrets about the romance between the future king and queen of England.

    Kate Middleton definitely wanted to study at Edinburgh University. “It was Kate’s firm choice and that was confirmed,” says Kate’s former career adviser at school. She wanted to study the history of art. But as soon as it was known that William had chosen to attend St. Andrews University, and that he had decided to take a year away from his studies, Kate changed her mind.

    She decided to turn down her spot at Edinburgh and re-apply for the University of St Andrews, after taking a year off spanning the exact same time as Prince William in the fall of 2001.

    A few weeks after beginning their life at the university, Kate joined William and his friends, known as the “Sallies Boys” and was welcomed to share a healthy breakfast in the mornings and cozy evenings in the common room.

    She would even take notes for him when William’s royal duties made him unable to attend lectures. Their connection was so obvious to friends that they teased her saying, “Bet you’ll be wearing a tiara soon!” But even though they proved to have a special connection, the young prince was obviously surrounded by dozens of girls going to extreme lengths to meet him, even changing their declared choice of study in order to attend lectures close to him.

    In their second year of college, in 2002, Kate and William became flatmates with a couple of friends. They spent long evenings listening to music, watching films and cooking together. At that time, Kate was dating a handsome, popular law student named Rupert Finch.

    When William finally kissed her at a fellow student’s party, they officially became a couple. But to the disappointment of many of her friends, Kate wouldn’t be wearing a tiara anytime soon. Actually, the couple dated for a long time and she became known as “Waity Katie.”

    Prince William’s fear of commitment

    Kate Middleton love story, Prince William

    Prince William and wife Kate Middleton at the 2012 Summer Olympics. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

    In Christmas of 2006, the Middleton family invited William to join them for a New Year’s celebration at their rented country house. Kate’s mother Carole had assigned the couple the most luxurious of the 13 bedrooms on the property.

    Sadly, William telephoned soon after the party began to say he wasn’t coming. Kate felt devastated and even though he arranged a party to celebrate her 25th birthday on January 9, she was close to tears. By that time, Kate was officially Prince William’s girlfriend, but she lacked the official commitment.

    There was no engagement ring and she didn’t have a full-time job or a formal role to protect her from her increasing fame and the photographers that chased her day after day. Kate feared she would never become Prince William’s wife and her only life accomplishment would be dating a prince.

    In March 2007, the couple spent a holiday skiing where they discussed their long distance romance. She confessed her fears about the future of their relationship and about William’s frequent nights out in London. After he was spotted flirting and dancing with other women in several night clubs, Kate just couldn’t stand what she considered public humiliation. So, she delivered an ultimatum. She wanted his full commitment.

    But William, then 24, was scared. He had already said he didn’t want to marry until 28 or maybe 30. In April, they agreed to break up.

    Kate Middleton and Prince William reunite

    Kate Middleton love story, Prince William

    Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton announce they are expecting. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

    Kate was devastated, but surrounded by her always supportive family. Her mother Carole, a mature and wise woman, advised Kate to give William some time. She reassured her that he’d be back. And she was right. The couple reunited in May.

    They began talking seriously about marriage, and he reassured her she was his “One and Only”– only he was not ready to marry her. He promised her his commitment, while she in turn agreed to wait for him, not knowing she would still have to wait three more years to get married.

    Maybe Carole’s concern helped William to make a decision, as the future mother-in-law of the future King of England didn’t hesitate to have a word with him and make sure the engagement would happen in the near future. Plus, she made him promise that she and Kate’s father would be a part of her future grandchildren’s lives.

    We all know the story has a happy ending and William has certainly proven that he’s a real prince who knows how to keep his promises and treat Kate like the queen she is in line to someday be!

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