Gabriel Iglesias voice Planes, Disney's Planes
Gabriel Iglesias is the voice behind two slick racer planes known for sabotaging races in Disney’s new animated film “Planes.” (Screenshot/YouTube)

Look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane — wait, no, it’s two planes from the new Disney Pixar movie “Planes” voiced by none other than popular Latino comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

Gabriel Iglesias, known for his hilarious Comedy Central specials — his newest is one called “Aloha Fluffy” — is taking it to the skies in this new animated movie.

Ned and Zed are the names of the minor antagonist racer planes that Iglesias voiced in “Planes.” They serve as the lackeys for the main antagonist of the film, Ripslinger. “Planes” is a spinoff movie to the popular franchise “Cars.” Think Lighting McQueen drama and comedy high above the clouds.

Here’s what Disney said about the twin planes in a teaser poster on Facebook:

Lacking the skills to actually outrace the competition, they simply eliminate it, propelling boss Ripslinger to victory every single time. Zed, a rowdy and reckless flier, and Ned, a strange bird himself, may not be the sharpest props in the hangar, but they have figured out how to draft off Ripslinger’s fame.

Gabriel Iglesias voices two characters in ‘Planes’

Iglesias sat down with ScreenSlam and gave an inside look at the two characters’ roles in the movie and on how he came up with the voices — since he is known for his voice impressions.

“The relationship that they have with Ripslinger is basically like a… they’re his right hand men, his henchmen, his ‘goons’ in the movie, with propellers,” said Iglesias in the interview about “Planes.”

The 37-year-old comedian also revealed the relationship that Ned and Zed have with the protagonist of the film, Dusty Crophopper — a crop-duster with dreams of being a champion. Dusty is voiced by comedian/actor Dane Cook.

“They’re haters of Dusty,” he said. His characters will find whatever way to mess with Dusty, even if it’s not the brightest or smartest way to do so.

As for the voices of Ned and Zed, one may be more recognizable than the other. You may recognize Ned because, as Iglesias said, it’s his voice, attitude and all. Zed is apparently based on a cousin of Iglesias. They asked him about crazy people in his family, and, well, he got Zed from that.

Iglesias posted this picture on Instagram showing his excitement over the movie coming out next week:

“Planes” will hit theaters August 9th.

A “Planes” sequel, “Planes: Fire And Rescue,” has been scheduled for July 18, 2014.

Watch the  trailer for Disney’s ‘Planes’



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