Life of Prince George: Interesting facts about the royal baby

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    Prince William and Kate Middleton, royal baby, Prince George

    Prince William and Kate Middleton hold their son Prince George. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    The new Prince of Cambridge has arrived.

    His grandma, Queen Elizabeth II, bestowed the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to his parents, so this baby is the first born with this title in more than 190 years. The royal baby will be referred to as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. Still, mom and dad want him to be a “normal” child with a happy life.

    We hope he gets it, but there’s a lot to deal with when you are a royal baby.

    Five facts about the royal baby

    royal baby, Prince George Alexander Louis

    The royal baby’s birth makes headlines. (AP Photo/Tony Hicks)

    Fact #1: There’s a novelty with this cute royal baby, for the first time in history his position in line for the throne isn’t impacted by his sex thanks to the law for royal succession change led by Nick Clegg.

    Fact #2: Of course, there was a social media frenzy when the heir was born. There were more than 25,000 tweets per minute about the royal baby’s birth and more than two million mentions on Twitter, not to mention posts on Facebook and other outlets that were broadcasting the news worldwide.

    Fact #3: This new royal is, in fact, an heir to the throne but he has two more kings waiting before him as grandpa and daddy are ahead of the little prince.

        Portrait of Kate Middle, Prince George and Prince William taken by Kate's father Michael Middleton. (Photo Tumblr/ Deeply Inside)

    Portrait of Kate Middleton, Prince George and Prince William.

    Fact #4: Prince George does not have a surname. Those titled His or Her Royal Highness don’t have a last name, but use the name of their dynasty to identify themselves. For instance, his father and uncle were referred to as William and Harry of Wales. In this case, young George Alexander Louis will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George Cambridge as his parents opted to found their new dynasty.

    Fact #5: Prince George won’t have a full time nanny. This is another novelty about his parents’ point of view on raising a royal. That said, the Prince William and Kate hired Antonella Fresolone, an Italian who has worked for 13 years for them and is teaching the duchess to cook Italian food and helping them around the house.

    Prince George’s dos and don’ts

    Kate Middleton, Prince George, Royal Baby

    Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, carries her new born son, the Prince George. (AP Photo/John Stillwell, Pool)

    Prince George is not like other babies. As much as his parents want him to enjoy life in the most natural way, he’s an heir of England, not a regular citizen, and as such he will be treated.

    1. He will not be able to vote in elections. Although the law says the royal family can do it, politics is all about maintaining the neutrality of the royals and it is desirable to stay as neutral as possible. Along those same lines, they also are not permitted to run for public positions.
    2. Prince George must not generate controversies. There must be nothing to comment on politically for the present time, no discrepancies with the Anglican Church, nor  news subjects of the sort.
    3. He cannot eat seafood. The royalty cannot eat any type of seafood due to the fear of poisoning.
    4. He is not allowed to work, but he can engage in philanthropy. It is a royal law not to hold any kind of office nor career, but to dedicate their life to charity and participation of official acts.
    5. Prince George will not be able to sign anything that is not official papers and those must be previously authorized by the Queen.
    6. He won’t be able to finish his supper if the Queen doesn’t want to! In the British royal family, when the Queen quits eating, the companions at table must also finish their meal, without it mattering if they have not yet finished their plate.
    7. He is going to have an abnormal life; his first steps are going to be international news, his first word will be published in the Daily Mirror… still he’s supposed to maintain some sense of privacy behind closed doors.
    8. He must master very good manners at the table. The protocol at the time of eating prohibits elbows on the table cloth, cleaning remaining sauces with a piece of bread. No finger food unless it is in the strict privacy of his rooms.
    9. He will have to learn how to make a toast, making eye contact with spectators without looking at the ground or lowering his head. His glass will be raised no higher than his head and he will learn to take little sips.
    10. People will always refer to the Prince as “Your Highness.” No matter how cute and young he his, he must get used to it right away.
    11. The daily avoidance of bodily urges will be treacherous. No scratching, coughing, touching, or yawning in public.
    12. His education will be at the best schools and will cover all subjects and estates. The first thing a prince must learn is the history of his royal house, other royal houses and how public institutions operate. He must also know about the cultures and languages of the countries he is going to visit.
    13. He will have to learn to deal with the press at any and every moment in a discreet and amiable way.

    The life of a prince is set in stone from his conception. It is a full life of luxuries and privileges but devoid of many liberties we regular people take for granted.

    It is very normal that the parents of young Prince George want their son to have the best of both worlds and will try to make the protocol as flexible as possible so that the future king of England is an individual with a crown on his head but his feet firmly planted on the ground.

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