Benefits of meditation and why these Latino celebrities love it

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    Eva Mendes enjoys the benefits of meditation

    Eva Mendes is just one of many Latino celebrities that enjoy the benefits of meditation. (s_bukley/Shutterstock)


    There is no singular definition for meditation; the word encompasses a variety of practices featuring a basic principle of quiet inner contemplation and reflection, and when it comes to the benefits of meditation, a number of celebrities have embraced this holistic approach to life management.

    People from all walks of life are able to see the benefits of meditation, so it is no surprise celebrities have taken to meditating in order to manage stress levels and calm their nerves.

    Latino celebrities in particular have been drawn to meditation, as Latin America has a rich culture associated with ritualistic shamanic healing.

    Benefits of meditation

    The health benefits of meditation are the real reason why celebrities and people all around the world have embraced this form of relaxation for centuries.

    According to The Transcendental Meditation Program, hundreds of research studies have been conducted on the beneficial effects of this practice  for mind, body, behavior, and society at over 210 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries, including Harvard, Yale, and UCLA Medical School.

    In addition to that, the American Heart Association acknowledges Transcendental Meditation as an effective way to lower blood pressure through dilating blood vessels and reducing stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol.

    Other benefits of meditation include:

    • Reduced need for high blood pressure medications.
    • Reduced hardening of the arteries.
    • Reduced myocardial eschemia, an imbalance in the oxygen supply of the blood.
    • Reduced aging process.
    • Decreased need for medical care.
    • Improved memory.
    • Improved cognition.
    • Decreased anxiety.
    • Reduced chemical dependency.
    • Improved immune function.
    • Improved emotional response to stressful situations.

    Latino celebrities who enjoy the benefits of meditation

    Gisele Bundchen: Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is a fan of meditation, and the Latina beauty told reporters she practices meditation daily, along with yoga, and it helped facilitate a tranquil birth for her first child with husband Tom Brady.

    Jessica Alba enjoys the Benefits of meditation

    Jessica Alba practices guided meditation. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock)

    Eva Mendes: Cuban actress Eva Mendes practices transcendental meditation, a form of mantra meditation which uses sounds or words repeated throughout the day to focus conscious and subconscious thought.

    “I’m actually huge into meditation — Transcendental Meditation, and that really helps create not only a sense of balance, but all the other stuff — this is gonna sound cliché, but, serenity and kind of a calm state of mind,” Mendes told SpotCeleb in an interview. “And not that I’m like that all the time, but it helps me deal with life’s ups and downs, coming from more of a centered place.”

    Jessica Alba: In preparation for the birth of her second child, Jessica Alba sat down on the Ellen Show and explained she was learning HypnoBirthing, a guided meditation method.

    “It’s basically my husband [Cash Warren] takes me through sort of a meditation,” Alba told Ellen. “So he’s like saying, you’re relaxed and you’re floating on clouds while you’re going through labor and your contractions. He just sort does a guided meditation. I’m just concentrating on breathing and staying relaxed because it’s when you get tense that makes the whole labor worse and more painful. That’s all it is. It’s not like a weird thing.”

    Dilma Rousseff: Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, is a fan of Transcendental Meditation and has initiated programs in the country to teach TM to students. According to Global Good News, Rousseff has made it known she not only practices TM, but recommends the people of Brazil take advantage of the benefits of meditation as well.

    Rodrigo Santoro: Actor Rodrigo Santoro, a native of Rio de Janeiro, found his fame on television and soon grew to be a popular name in households across Brazil. Santoro says he keeps his sanity through the benefits of meditation.


     Benefits of meditation in the body

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