Practical ways to boost sexual stamina

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    sexual stamina

    Learning how to boost sexual stamina is important for many men and women, not just those with medical issues. (Shutterstock)


    Improving sexual stamina has likely crossed the minds of most men who are sexually active. For some, improving stamina is a must; maybe a medical problem has led to an issue in the bedroom. For others, improving sexual stamina may be about pleasing their partner even more. But no matter what the reason behind the desire, an improvement doesn’t mean you have to make major life changes.

    Practical ways to boost sexual stamina

    Use thicker protection: Using thicker protection is one of the easiest ways to improve male sexual stamina. The logic behind this practice is simple; the less sensation in the penis, the longer it will take to reach climax.

    Use a desensitizing cream: This is the same principle as using thicker protection. Desensitizing creams are applied directly to the penis in an attempt to prolong the time before orgasm. Unlike using thicker protection, however, sexual stamina booster uses a freezing sensation to accomplish the job, and can be awkward to use in a new relationship setting.

    Pulling out: This doesn’t mean pulling out and ejaculating outside. The pulling out method of sexual stamina boost is used to teach men how to recognize the feeling which comes immediately before an orgasm. When that feeling is reached, the man should pull out and wait for the sensation to subside, then renew his lovemaking efforts. Ask Men indicates this is one of the most popular ways to boost sexual stamina, and men who can accomplish this usually have a more intense orgasm after they have put it off for a while.

    sexual stamina

    Sexual stamina does not have to be a huge part of sex. Many couples can enjoy foreplay before intercourse to help prolong the enjoyment. (Shutterstock)

    Masturbate more: It may seem counterintuitive; the more you masturbate, the less likely you think you’ll be able to perform well. In reality, Everyday Health notes masturbation can be used in the same ways as the pull out method. Men can learn to recognize the feeling associated with orgasm, and when masturbating can learn how to suppress that sensation.

    Don’t focus on intercourse: Men feel like they need to get their partners to climax with intercourse, but this isn’t the case. For most couples, sex is a multidimensional process, and relying solely on intercourse and prolonged sexual stamina is not necessary.

    Use lubrication: A study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine found using lubrication in conjunction with a condom was an effective way of prolonging male performance. Oil-based lubricants should be avoided, however, as they can break down the latex of many condoms.

    Learn Kegel exercises for men: Just like in women, Kegel exercises for men are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. As with any exercise, the more conditioned a muscle is the more proficient it will be in general. Kegel exercises in men mean locating the muscles responsible for passing gas. Once you have located these muscles and can control them, the Mayo Clinic indicates you should practice using them three times a day.

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