10 ways Cameron Diaz stays fit: From her diet to workout routines

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    Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Diaz. (Photo Facebook)

    Cameron Diaz is now a lady in her 40’s and still, an amazing beauty. The actress stays fit like no other and millions of women want to learn how to have a rockin’ bod from her. Recently, she secured a deal with Harper Collins to write a health and well-being guide that will include her diet and fitness tips. As we wait with baited breath for the book’s release, let’s see what we found out about her secrets to looking so beautiful and sexy—even hotter now than she was in her 20’s!

    Take a look at the 10 ways Latina Cameron Diaz stays fit:

    10 things Cameron Diaz practices to stay fit

    Cameron Diaz Esquire

    Cameron Diaz in the November 2012 issue of British Esquire magazine. (Credit: Nuvo TV)

    1. Before we talk diet and fitness, we have to consider that Cameron Diaz is around 5 feet 9 inches tall, so her height helps her to look more slender than an average sized woman. You can wear high heels with longer trousers to get a similar effect but unless you’re supermodel height yourself, this is one area where Cameron will always have you beat.

    2. According to the Daily Mail, Cameron Diaz revealed during an appearance on Oprah’s show that she has some diet tips she lives by. Her favorite recipe seems to be “savory oatmeal,” oats cooked with water, chicken broth, kale, leeks, shallots and vegetables. Served beside scrambled eggs, she has a healthy, hearty meal for breakfast. Cameron limits carbs to the beginning of the day and in the evening, she only eats protein and vegetables.

    3. Cameron Diaz also watches what she eats very carefully to stay fit. She’s off fried food and very aware of giving her body the right nutrients.

    4. The actress works hard to stay slim. Even though she’s a naturally thin person, she works out five times a week to maintain her toned body as it is now. She also doesn’t view exercise as a chore, but as an enjoyable way of life.

    5. Cameron Diaz’s amazing arms are already a thing of legend. How does she get them? According to her personal trainer, Teddy Bass, aside from being genetically gifted, she starts her workouts with plyometrics for a cardio burst that includes plank pushups, triceps dips and bicep curls, alternating with sprints on the treadmill. She also does Pilates.

    6. The actress also heads to the golf course regularly as she is so fond of golf that she compares it to a drug addiction. Golf is great for your cardiovascular health since it involves walking about six miles and can burn off around 1,400 calories. Golf may delay the onset of dementia by stimulating blood circulation in the brain along with improving connections between nerve cells. On top of that, playing a round of golf has been proven to release powerful natural, mood enhancing drugs from our brains called endorphins.

    7. The actress has a privileged set of genetics that made exercise and healthy choices unnecessary until her 30‘s. Despite this, Cameron Diaz advises not to wait until you are older to start exercising because it will be a lot harder to get the shape you desire.

    Actress Cameron Díaz

    Actress Cameron Diaz. (Photo/ Sprint wallpaper)

    8. One of the main parts of the blonde’s exercise program involves doing lunges and squats, which are good for both the legs and buttocks.

    9. She also claims to use a medicine ball, which happens to be cheap and very effective. She has a routine with punches, press-ups and a good cardiovascular workout on a treadmill or from cycling.

    10.  On top of all of that, she surfs. One of the most important benefits associated with surfing is the improvement in your cardiovascular system and the benefits that it creates in your balance. Surfing can also help to increase your flexibility and your strength.

    Cameron Diaz is now in her 40’s and she looks awesome. For Diaz, it’s not only her looks that make her a beauty, but her glow which comes from the inside. She attributes that, in part, to a healthy sex life and to doing what she loves. You too can get or stay fit with the proper routine but don’t forget to pursue your dreams as well, so you can get that healthy glow yourself!

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