Young Latino celebs who redefine celebrity image

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    There are a slew of young Latino celebs on the rise today.  Talented young Hispanics are dancing, singing and acting their way to fame and fortune at a record breaking pace but some are redefining what it is to be a famous entertainer and challenging Hollywood standards.  Here are three young standouts who are carving out their own place in show biz history by bringing unique backgrounds and exceptional character to their careers and the industry.

    Young Latino celebs

    Rico Rodriguez, 15

    Young Latino celebs who redefine celebrity image

    Young Latino celebs who redefine celebrity image: Rico Rodriguez (Photo Wikimedia Commons)

    He is just too hilarious as the espresso-sipping and weirdly-mature Manny Delgado on ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family”.  Rodriguez started acting in 2006, inspired by sister and Disney star Raini Rodriguez.  There has been no shortage of commentary about weight when it comes to these two incredibly talented youngsters but it’s definitely not affecting the young actor’s spirit or career.

    Becoming known as one of the “smoothest kids” on television, the undeniably charismatic Rodriguez negotiated a lucrative contract for the next season of Modern Family with the potential to earn up to 115K per episode for a minimum of 12 episodes.  He has also released a book called “Reel Life Lessons…So Far”, and in it he dispenses Manny-style advice and wisdom about living in the spotlight, family values and overcoming life’s challenges.

    Madison De La Garza, 12

    The younger half-sister to Demi Lovato has literally grown up before the eyes of Desperate Housewives viewers as Juanita Solis, the mischievous and always too-cool-for-school daughter of Eva Longoria.  More importantly she has been an inspiration to young victims of bullying by publicly taking on the issue of weight.  In 2012 Madison made a PSA for, an anti-bullying and anti-cruelty non-profit for social change  with friend Tucker Albrizzi about bullying and the two urged fans to take a stand.  Like her older sister, she has also revealed her personal experiences with cyber bullies on various talk shows. In addition to being incredibly talented De La Garza is both articulate and intelligent in a way that seems to defy her age.  Currently the young star is busy with the filming of a new CBS series based on the movie “Bad Teacher” scheduled for release sometime this year.

    Bella Thorne, 16

    Young Latino celebs who redefine celebrity image

    Young Latino celebs who redefine celebrity image: Disney’s actress Bella Thorne. (Photo/ ZeusBox)

    Another young actress who is no stranger to bullying originated from the Disney stage. Best known for her role as the aspiring young dancer CeCe Jones on the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up”, Annabella Avery “Bella” Thorne and has struggled with dyslexia since the first grade.  She has shared how hurtful it was to be made fun of on a daily basis not only for speaking a different language but also for her inability to read.

    Going to school got so tough for her that she eventually withdrew from traditional classrooms to be homeschooled.  From there she was able to improve her skills with help of private learning centers.  Today she speaks out against bullying and is also actively involved in  She wants young people to know that “someone else’s opinion of you doesn’t define you.” To date, Thorne has made over 20 films and TV shows, has appeared in more than 60 commercials and has picked up numerous awards including Alma and Imagen awards in 2012 for Best Actress in a TV comedy.

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