Famous gay Latinos (and those who fight the rumors!)

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    List of famous gay Latinos who serve as role models for the LGBT community.

    In this time of increasing equality for the homosexual population, famous people who are “out” continue to inspire the young and old to embrace who they are and no longer hide their sexual orientation. Within the Latin community, there are many famous gay Latinos for us all to learn from. Their bravery in acknowledging their homosexuality to the general public, fans and media while under incredible scrutiny shows us strength and pride that we can only hope to emulate, whether we’re gay or not.

    Here are some famous gay Latinos we’re proud of along with a few who fight the rumors and speculation that they’ve yet to come out.

    Famous gay Latinos

    1. Wilson Cruz. Cruz played the role of Rickie Vazquez on the television series “My So-Called Life.” His character was the first “out and proud” gay Latino on television and Cruz, also “out and proud” at the time, has paved the way for an increasing gay Latin presence on TV. His coming out story is one of pain as his parents reportedly forced him to spend months living in his car at 19-years-old when he came out to them, but it ends well as they have reconciled.

    Wilson Cruz, Famous Gay Latinos

    Wilson Cruz (Photo Wikimedia Commons)

    2. Ricky Martin. In 2010, Martin outed himself on his own website. He admitted that, after years of being questioned and being the subject of much speculation, he was proud to be a homosexual man. We love his honesty, of course, but also his optimism about being gay himself.

    Ricky Martin,  Famous Gay Latinos

    Ricky Martin (Photo from RickyMartinMusic.com)

    3. Vicci Martinez. Martinez was an openly gay contestant on the hit TV series, “The Voice,” during its first season. She’s a sexy rock star who says she stopped hiding who she was when she was just a teenager, as she came out to her parents. She is signed to Republic Records.

    Vicci Martinez,  Famous Gay Latinos

    Vicci Martinez  (Photo: Vicci Martinez official Facebook page)

    4. Mondo Guerra. A man we admire for his strength, Guerra let the world know that he was not only gay but also HIV-positive during his time on the eighth season of Lifetime Network’s “Project Runway.” The Mexican-American designer is from Denver, Colorado and since taking second place on the eighth season and first place in the 2012 “Project Runway: All Stars,” continues to grow as a professional fashion designer.

    Mondo Guerra,  Famous Gay Latinos

    Mondo Guerra (Photo Twitter/ Mondo Guerra)

    5. Linda Perry. Recently in the news for becoming engaged to her now fiancée, “The Talk’s” Sara Gilbert, Perry has been heavily involved in LGBT advocacy for years. The Brazilian rock star reportedly planned a picnic complete with musical numbers for her proposal!

    And those who fight rumors of homosexuality…

    1. David Archuleta. After being spotted at a gay club in New York City in 2010, this “American Idol” star went to Twitter to clear up any confusion. He stated that he was there to watch a friend perform and that was all.

    David Archuleta,  Famous Gay Latinos

    David Archuleta (Photo Wikimedia Commons)

    2. Michelle Rodriguez. This actress quietly fought rumors that she was a lesbian for years until one day in 2011, she was quoted by Rumor Fix as saying, “Michy likes sausage.” No further questions.

    Michelle Rodriguez

    Michelle Rodriguez. (facebook)

    3. Romeo Santos. As the former front man for Aventura, Santos denied gay rumors for years. His most recent proclamation of his straightness was in an appearance on “Don Francisco Presenta” during which he explained that he doesn’t look down upon homosexuals or bisexuals but he does not identify as such.

    Romeo Santos Formula Vol.1

    Romeo Santos Formula Vol.1. (Photo/ mun2)

    4. Eduardo Verastegui. Rumors flew that Verastegui and Ricky Martin were involved romantically, but Verastegui has stated that this was not the case. The Mexican actor is not an advocate for the LGBT community, as he participated in the Spanish-language commercials for California’s Proposition 8.

    With our culture changing by the day and laws making the rights of homosexuals more equal to that of heterosexuals, there certainly are an increasing number of openly gay Latino role models for young people to choose from as they gather the strength to be open and honest with who they are each and every day.

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