Most notorious celebrity feuds: JLo, Madonna, Mariah…

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    celebrity feuds

    Famous Celebrity Feuds: Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. (Photos AP Evan Agostini/ Richard Shotwell)

    Celebrity feuds are as old as gossip columns and well, celebrities. And while gossip mags no doubt like to blow these famous spats out of proportion to sell more magazines or get more page hits, where there’s smoke… there’s usually a fire or at least some burning embers.

    Here’s a look at some of the most notorious celebrity feuds, diva throw-downs and Hollywood hissy fits.

    Famous celebrity feuds

    Mariah and Jennifer Lopez–This diva mash-up had apparently been brewing for some time, and came to a head in 2011, when Mariah allegedly told a reporter that she’d “rather be singing with a pig” than do a duet with Lopez. Mariah denied making the statement, and JLo killed her with kindness, stating that she’s a “big fan” of Mariah. But just this year, reports have surfaced that Jennifer Lopez has been in contact with Mariah’s “American Idol” nemesis, Nicki Minaj, giving her career advice to become the most popular judge on the program, leaving Mariah furious.

    Mariah and Eminem–This mismatched feud started in 2002, when Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, claimed to have had sex with Mariah Carey. Mariah repeatedly denied the claim, and called Eminem “obsessed.” Her song and video of the same name features a creepy character who resembles Eminem. He struck back with “The Warning”, a song in which he claims to have incriminating phone messages from Mariah. The feud has since died down, with Mariah busy with twins Moroccan and Marlowe, and Mathers working on a much-delayed ninth studio album.

    Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.–This East Coast/West Coast rapper feud could have just been a bunch of trash talk, until things turned deadly. Former friends, Tupac in LA and Biggie in New York, were involved in a rivalry between rappers and record companies from both coasts. When Tupac was shot five times outside a record studio in 1994, he accused B.I.G. and Sean Combs (Puff Daddy, PDiddy), of being behind the attack. A few years of dueling rap lyrics, including Tupac claiming to have had sex with Biggie’s estranged wife, Faith Evans, fueled the feud, until Tupac was hit again in 1996, this time fatally. He died six days after being ambushed and shot multiple times in Las Vegas. A few months later, in March 1997, Notorious B.I.G. was shot multiple times in Los Angeles and died in an emergency room shortly after.

    Rosie and The Donald–These two loudmouths first went toe to toe in 2006 when Rosie O’Donnell called Trump a “snake-oil salesman” on “The View”. Trump called Rosie a “physically and mentally ugly person” and a “fat pig” and threatened to sue. The two regularly wage war on TV and Twitter, but they both seem to enjoy being enemies. Trump tweeted Rosie during her 2012 hospitalization: “I hope you are doing well, so we can start fighting again soon.” At least they entertain one another…

    Celebrity feuds: Madonna versus Everyone

    She may not have invented the term diva, but she’s taken it to a high art. Madonna has feuded with peers, rivals and fellow divas.

    Madonna and Elton JohnSir Elton seems to be the instigator of this long-standing feud, as he’s said at various times that the singer is “a nightmare,” “her career is over” and she looks like a “fairground stripper.” He’s also accused her of lip-synching during her live shows. Madonna has apparently also raised Elton’s ire because she’s been “just awful to (Lady) Gaga,” who just happens to be godmother to his son. For her part, Madonna has remained silent, but also rebuffed Elton’s attempts to bury the hatchet.

    Madonna and Lady GagaMadonna has suggested that Lady Gaga’s hit, “Born This Way” is a derived from Madonna’s classic, “Express Yourself”, which Gaga has denied. She’s also accused the younger singer of copying her style, but some claim that Madonna is just threatened and jealous of a new star toppling her from her “Queen of Pop” throne.

    Madonna and Prince–Madonna ignited this feud when she called Prince, whom she dated briefly in the 80s, “a little troll” during an interview.  The feud appeared to end in 2011, when Madonna and a host of other celebrities attended Prince’s sold out show at Madison Square Garden. But Prince couldn’t just let sleeping divas lie…he recently blamed Madonna for his problems with record label Warner Brothers, saying she dominated the label’s focus in the 90s, even though he was selling out concerts and selling more records.

    Madonna and JLo–This feud seems to have ignited after Madonna made critical comments to the press about Jennifer Lopez’s then-relationship with Ben Affleck. JLo later passed on being one of the two “brides” in Madonna’s infamous 2003 MTV Video Music Awards performance, where she memorably kissed Britney Spears and less-memorably, Cristina Aguilera. Things seemed to simmer down for a while, until Madonna, in 2009 accused Lopez of copying her dance moves. Ladies, please.

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