‘Los amores de Cristina’ President of Argentina’s love affairs exposed

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    Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Los amores de Cristina

    Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s affairs are revealed in the book ‘Los amores de Cristina’. (Courtesy of Youtube)

    There is nothing more exciting than knowing the details of a president’s private life. Their public image shows them distant and almost divorced from other people’s worldly passions so knowing what makes them human always fascinates us. Nevertheless they take pains in hiding their secrets and weaknesses to the greater public. Still, how good are presidents at keeping those secrets? At some point there is always a leak, an intern who can’t keep her mouth shut! A new book “Los amores de Cristina”, by Franco Lindner, speaks about the never before revealed affairs of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

    ‘Los amores de Cristina’ the beautiful president’s affairs

    los amores de cristina

    “Los amores de Cristina” by Franco Lindner is about Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s love affairs.

    In her 60’s, the Argentine president is still attractive and beautiful. She’s been a widower for more than two years now and she still insists on dressing in black. Her public image is energetic and authoritarian and has provided some flamboyant entertainment from her humor. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner regularly remembers her late husband and it seems that she has closed, definitively, the love window. Is it so?

    Rumors speak on a supposed and narrow affective proximity that the president had with her present vice president, who is a handsome man 10 years younger than she is. Non-verified, and perhaps spread with a particular intention, reports say that he addressed her as “mami”—which is an intimate and very colloquial nickname generally used between lovers, like “honey” or “baby.”

    There are also mischievous rumors about her relationship with her economy vice minister viewed as suspicious because of his sudden political climb from a civil employee without experience to such a high profile government position. It is also said that some attitudes and deprived commentaries of the president could have been interpreted by a legislator as an invitation to join her for a private experience. It is among smiles, hushes and extinguished voices, that we suspect a young governor had a brief but intense affair with the president.

    But how much of this is truth? We do not know if these are just “palace” rumors alone or if a trusted member of her social circle accidentally (or intentionally!) went public.

    A commentary that runs through the bars and coffee shops of Buenos Aires is that the president had a certain sentimental weakness when it came to elegant and much younger men. This is something that would put in perspective the recent version of the story of her assumed romance with Spanish ex-judge Baltasar Garzon, who is 57-years-old. Although the ex- judge is an elegant gentleman, his temples denote his age, similar enough to Cristina’s.

    Apparently, the attractiveness of the president made her a coveted woman by several men and civil employees in the past. Supposed testimonies exist that would give account on how the late ex-president Nestor Kirchner moved away everyone who seemed to have pretensions on his wife.

    Nevertheless, he himself was involved in a supposed love affair during his presidency. His secretary and friend, presumably also his lover, was dismissed from the House of Government at the request of the then senator Cristina Fernandez. The ex-civil employee appeared smiling in a news article, never denying she could have been his lover.

    Argentina’s womanizing presidents

    Presidential affairs, generally hidden, are not new in Argentina. Ex-president Carlos Menem was said to have tens even hundreds of affairs with local dancers and actresses. It is fair to say he always behaved like a gentleman and never said a single word about it, but he did recognize his illegitimate children. Those who spoke and boasted about having a romantic date with him were always the ladies he had allegedly been involved with. One of those romances made the seductive president fall: Menem fell madly in love with the Chilean journalist and former Miss Universe, Cecilia Bolocco, reportedly during an interview. They got married and are, at the moment, divorced with a son.

    Another ex-president with hidden romances was Juan Domingo Peron. In those times (1944), Peron’s predilection for adolescents was well-known. Versions of history exist wherein he lived with Maria Cecilia Yarbel then 17-years-old. It is said that his collaborators nicknamed the young lady “piraña” (English: Piranha), due to the loving bites Yarbel lavished upon him in private, leaving obvious marks to be seen in public on his skin.

    When Eva Duarte appeared in Peron’s life, Yarbel stopped visiting. That’s not all… The bed of the presidential residence in Olivos bore witness to his romance with Nelly Rivas, then only 14-years-old. Apparently, Nelly arrived to alleviate the heavy solitude and sadness of general Peron after the death of his beloved Evita. His detractors used this fact to accuse him of pedophilia.

    The presidents of yesterday, today and tomorrow certainly have a sensual history whether we know their secrets or not! “Los Amores de Cristina” lifts the veil on some of the current president’s personal affairs, letting us learn just a bit more about this passionate president.


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    “Los Amores de Cristina” by Franco Lindner published by Editorial Planeta Argentina

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