The Internet had a blast, the Sistine Seagull waited for Pope Francis

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    pope francis

    A seagull stole the spotlight from the cardinals during the conclave’s second day, at the end of which the world met the church’s new pope, Pope Francis. (CNN/screenshot)

    On the second day of the papal conclave, before Pope Francis revealed himself to the world, the Internet had to entertain itself while waiting for holy smoke, and so it turned, as it always does, to Twitter. There, people replaced movie titles with “pope” and no one was expecting a seagull to steal the show, if only for a bit.

    The Sistine Seagull patiently waited for Pope Francis

    The seagull was perched on top of the chimney on and off over the course of the afternoon, where the world expected to see smoke signaling whether or not the cardinals had elected a pope. It never commented on its preferred candidate for the position, but seemed to be pretty carefree about the whole thing.

    But it was just such a charismatic seagull.

    Baptized as the Sistine Seagull, it became Twitter’s newest celebrity. In about 24 hours, it got 8,857 followers. Its archenemy the Conclave Chimney has 9,793 followers and does not like being sat on.

    It got things done, though. And didn’t go out without a meme.

    Pope Francis seagull

    As the seagull waited for Pope Francis, the Internet went to work. (

    The best of #ReplaceMovieTitleswithPope

    Before the Sistine Seagull took its place, however, #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope had taken off, and it gave birth to many gems. Here are some of the best.








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