Latino who improved Hispanic media access to White House steps down

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    Luis Miranda - Hispanic Media

    Luis Miranda. (Courtesy)

    Luis Miranda, an Obama administration official known for his unprecedented efforts to improve the access members of the Hispanic media have to the White House, is stepping down from his post.

    As director of Hispanic media, Miranda is credited with improving communication between the White House and Latino journalists. He held that post for four years before announcing last Friday that he plans to return to the private sector as a communications consultant.

    Miranda’s duties with the Obama administration included developing strategic messaging on immigration and borders security issues. He also worked with the president’s National Security Staff to do media outreach that was relevant to the United State’s relationship with Latin America.

    The 36-year-old, who grew up in South Florida and is bilingual, released a statement over the weekend to reporters: “For me, it was special to form part of the team, which has moved forward on immigration reform, put the economy back on track and achieved a health care reform which in the next few years will help Hispanics more than perhaps any other American community.”

    Luis Miranda worked to give Hispanic media ‘a seat at the table’

    Lori Montenegro, who has been Telemundo‘s Washington, D.C, correspondent for 16 years, said Latino journalists had “very limited access” to the White House during other administrations. Montenegro said Miranda improved that access and helped ensure that Latinos journalists, in many ways, could “have a seat at the table.” For example, she said he helped Latino journalists set up interviews with members of the Obama administration, including the president’s chief of staff.

    “Luis Miranda arrived with an objective, which was to show the importance of the Hispanic press and open people’s eyes to see that this form of media exists and ought to be give attention, respect and consideration,” she told VOXXI.

    The White House will select a new director of Hispanic media in the next few weeks. Montenegro said she hopes the new director will follow Miranda’s lead.

    “I hope that new person will continue that same work because if not, we will be marching backwards instead of moving forward,” she told VOXXI.

    Before joining the White House, Miranda served as deputy communications director at the Democratic National Committee. Prior to that, he worked for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in which he served as a spokesperson and launched the campaign’s online communications program.

    Additionally, Miranda worked in former presidential candidate Al Gore’s Miami-Dade campaign office in Florida and helped with operations related to the Florida recount of votes. Other groups he worked with include the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) Florida State Council and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


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