Want to boost sexual stamina? Here’s what to eat

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    Sex stamina foods

    Sexual stamina is often reliant on feeling attractive (Shutterstock photo)

    As medical research advances, more and more information is coming to light about just how what we eat affects our daily lives. While we know it is important to eat nutritious foods to benefit our heart, weight and bone health, not many people realize food can also have an impact on sexual stamina and health.

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    Indeed, certain foods are useful when it comes to increasing sexual stamina and libido for both women and men; however, losing weight is also an important part of promoting a healthy sex life.

    With just a 10 percent loss in body fat, an individual can see a significant positive change in bedroom habits and desire, which is why choosing healthy “libido increasers” is important.

    Sexual stamina is often reliant on feeling attractive, and choosing healthy foods to increase sexual stamina will not only make you feel healthier overall, it will help increase your desire to be intimate.


    What foods to eat to increase sexual stamina

    Almonds and nuts

    ThirdAge.com lists almonds and other nuts as excellent foods to increase sexual desire. Nuts are loaded with fatty acids, which are vital to proper brain function and hormone production. Not only are almonds and nuts thought to boost brain activity, the smell has long been considered a powerful aphrodisiac.


    Not many people think of celery when it comes to foods that boost sexual health; however, celery contains androsterone, an odorless male hormone. In a human, androsterone is released in perspiration and is considered a scent which creates desire in women. Times of India advises celery be eaten raw to achieve the full sexual health effect.

    Sex stamina foods

    Eggs contain B vitamins which help to balance hormone levels and fight stress (Shutterstock photo)


    One of the best-known sexual stamina boosters on the list, oysters contain the hormone dopamine as well as a healthy dose of zinc to promote sperm production. LiveStrong notes foods high in zinc, like oysters, play a key role in testosterone production. Oysters and other seafood are also rich in omega 3’s which assist in hormone production.


    Avocados have a long history of being associated with sexuality. For a period of time the fruit was banned in some Spanish communities because its shape was perceived as obscene. As far as sexual stamina goes, avocados are high in folic acid and therefore are a great energy booster. The fruit also plays a role in regulating the female thyroid gland as well as increasing male hormone production requiring vitamin B6.


    While the smell of garlic on your significant other may not be the most alluring scent, this particular food contains allicin, a chemical which promotes blood flow into the sexual organs. To get around the potent smell associated with this herb, garlic capsules can be purchased in a health store and taken daily.


    Figs are high in aminoacids which are considered important in the process of increasing sexual stamina and libido. Not only do figs contain a desire-enhancing element, they are also considered to be visually and texturally appealing to the human brain.


    Like avocados, eggs contain B vitamins which help to balance hormone levels and fight stress. ThirdAge.com states some individuals will eat raw eggs immediately prior to sexual activity to successfully boost libido and provide energy.

    Sexual stamina foods

    Chocolate is one of the best known aphrodisiacs (Shutterstock photo)


    Bananas have a number of attributes important for overall health as well as just sexual health. This fruit contains riboflavin and B vitamins for energy and hormone regulation, but it also contains bromelain enzyme, which has been rumored to reverse male impotence.


    Another well-known sexual stamina food, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical which produces a feeling of euphoria. This food also contains the stimulant theobromine as well as multiple antioxidants for a healthy immune system.


    Another food item which may be a little intimidating to introduce into the bedroom setting, beans are known to contain boron. Boron is a trace element which studies have shown influences estrogen and testosterone levels.


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