Gael Garcia Bernal of Oscar nominated ‘No’ dishes on latest project

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    Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal Drifting

    Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal directs “Drifting.” (Photo Chivas Canana)

    Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal known for his role as Che in The Motorcycle Diaries and his Spanish-language film Y tu mama tambien has steadily climbed his way into Hollywood, appearing in this year’s Oscar nominated Chilean film No.

    Bernal partnered up with producer/director Diego Luna to start the production company Canana in 2005. Together, Canana has produced more than 20 films, including No and the short film Drifting directed by Bernal.

    Bernal’s Drifting premieres online on Monday, February 18 on Chivas Canana and can also be seen on YouTube.
    Bernal sat down with fellow producers of Chivas Canana for an interview on Drifting, a film about longtime friends lost at sea.

    Here’s what the actor/director had to say.

    Q&A Gael Garcia Bernal on ‘Drifting’

    Q: What is Drifting about?
    Gael Garcia Bernal: Well, the story is about this group of friends who all find themselves in a personal situation which is very common with a group of close friends, to all of a sudden be in a controversial kind of dilemma of how to convince a member of the group of friends to come to the other guys wedding. Stuff happens and no one knows exactly who is being ‘punked’ and who is the punkee. This is more or less the story and how they solve this. It is about friendship with all the fun and at the same time the solemnity and the tragedy that personal relationships carry. Sometimes you hate someone and the next instant the person that you most hate is the person that you love.

    Q: Do you think that is something which is quite typical of friendships that have been going a long time?
    Gael Garcia Bernal: Yeah I think friendships have in common a motor that is competition. Competition has been seen as something bad as growing up in terms of competing with others. Sometimes we try to just have good table manners and not tease the other person, but with friendships you can do that, you can go into the three dimensions of conversation and you can go into these areas that are very difficult to tap into in someone’s life. Me as a friend and receiver of friendship I appreciate that so much that my friends give me that kind of insight into who I am, by teasing me by making fun of me and sometimes by allowing me to make fun of them.

    Q: You have had a very long friendship with Diego Luna, what do you think is the key to maintaining a true friendship?
    Gael Garcia Bernal: It’s funny because we are good friends that work well together, and we’ve had our moments of course, our ups and downs in terms of the professional side of things, and sometimes we get into arguments. But immediately the good thing is that it’s always because we want the best out of each other. That is the main reason why we end up working together as well because we can bring out one another’s potential. I think that has been the key, to always keep that eye on each other and to be very true, well let’s not call it true, to be provocative rather, even if it’s not true. Sometimes, it’s good to be provocative to share that instant where we can say to each other that we love each other, because it’s very important to be able to say that. In fact all of our emails end with te quiero mucho, I love you a lot, in English it sounds weird but in Spanish it sounds cuter.

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