Celebrities and their sisters: How do they really get along?

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    In the last few days, several celebrities and their sisters have made the news for one reason or another. Relations between sisters are complex and often difficult.

    The affection and cooperation mingle easily with jealousy and envy, especially when it comes to very famous and successful women and their not always so popular sisters. Truthfully, how is the relationship between some of the most popular celebrities and their sisters?

    Here’s a look at five celebrities and their sisters.

    Celebrities and their sisters

    Monica, sister of Penelope Cruz

    Penelope Cruz Monica, celebrities and their sisters

    Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

    According to Wikipedia, Monica Cruz is a Spanish dancer, model and actress, in addition to her role of sister to Penelope Cruz and Eduardo Cruz. Despite such a complete description, her most successful work was a leading role on the Spanish TV series Un Paso Adelante, nearly a decade ago. The rest of the series and movies she has made aren’t even close to the success of those starred in by her sister. Penelope Cruz is the first Spanish actress to become a Hollywood star and win an Oscar. Beyond Spain, Monica only became known when she designed, along with Penelope, several fashion collections for Mango. In other words, she has always been in the shadow of her famous sister.

    Currently, Monica is pop culture news in Spain because she is expecting her first child, conceived by artificial insemination. The actress tells of her experiences in a blog, but her pregnancy has soon taken a back seat now that it’s been confirmed that Penelope and husband Javier Bardem are expecting a new baby, two years after having their son Leo. Those are great news for the two sisters, who have always claimed they are best friends and confidantes.

    Jennifer Lopez and sister Lynda

    Jennifer Lopez is definitely the celebrity of her family, but not the only famous member. Her sister Lynda is a successful journalist and winner of an Emmy Award. At an interview with Access Hollywood, Lynda talked about her relationship with Jennifer when they were young: “We fought a lot about makeup and clothes. I took her clothes all the time because she had nicer dresses than me.” Fortunately, they have never had an argument when it comes to men. According to Lynda, “we have different tastes. I like more the rocker-type and she is more traditional.”

    But it’s not just about makeup, fashion and men between Jennifer and Lynda. The Lopez sisters are two generous and supportive ladies who, together, founded the Maribel Foundation, a charity devoted to helping mothers with low incomes whose children have health problems.

    Paulina Rubio and her ‘secret’ sister Ana Paola

    Paulina Rubio celebrities and their sisters

    Mexican singer Paulina Rubio (Photo Wikimedia Commons)

    Much has been recently said about the Mexican singer Paulina Rubio having a “secret” sister totally unknown to the public. Although the first gossip said that her existence had also been a surprise to the Chica Dorada herself, the magazine ¡Hola! reveals that the Rubio sisters have always known each other. Ana Paola Rubio is 38-years-old and the daughter of Pauline’s father, Enrique Rubio, and his second wife, Teresa Antoniano, to whom he was married for 15 years.

    In fact, the reason for the split between Paulina’s parents, Enrique and Mexican diva Susana Dosamantes, was that he fell in love with Teresa. Paulina and her brother Enrique, according to ¡Hola!, always knew they had another sister and actually have a close relationship with her.

    Paulina Rubio is currently in the midst of court proceedings with her former husband, the Spanish businessman, Colate Vallejo-Najera. Both are vying for custody of their son, Andrea Nicolas. And while the Mexican star accused her ex of being a “bad dad” for showing the child to the press, she’s about to exhibit her own life as a mother and singer through her own reality television program.

    The show will be produced by the new Latin division of the Kardashian sisters’ producer. “I am very excited and eager to start filming very soon,” Paulina said via Twitter. The reality show will be recorded in English, although primarily aimed at the Hispanic audience in the United States. Andrea Nicholas, however, won’t appear on screen, because his dad has denied his permission. Will we see Paulina talking about this and that with Ana Paola? Perhaps, if the latest gossip stating they are, in fact, close, is true!

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