Sex life better for couples who travel together: Survey

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    Couples who travel together, Sex life

    A recent survey found that couples who travel together have higher satisfaction in their relationship and a better sex life compared to those who travel alone.  (Photo Shutterstock)

    (Relaxnews) — Couples who travel together, stay together.

    That’s the conclusion of a survey commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association in advance of Valentine’s Day, which found that couples who travel together alone—sans kids—reported higher satisfaction in their relationships.

    In a telephone poll of 1,100 adults, 83 percent of respondents who said they travel together as a couple also reported that the romance is alive and kicking in their relationship.

    More than three-quarters, 75 percent, of respondents who travel as a couple also reported having a good sex life. For couples who don’t travel together, that figure dipped to 63 percent.

    While these results may be true on paper, traveling as a couple has also been viewed as the ultimate test of a                   relationship—particularly the maiden voyage.

    Couples who travel together, fight?

    Traveling as a couple isn’t always easy. Sometimes couples need time apart, a little bit of “me time.”

    Psychologist and relationship expert Shauna Springer, for instance, pleads that traveling solo and taking a break for yourself can also be good for your relationship, increasing marital satisfaction in an article published in Psychology Today.

    Meanwhile, offers tips on how to survive intact a vacation with your significant other such as planning a holiday that’s in direct proportion to the time you’ve been together as a couple. For instance, only been together a month or two? Don’t get too ambitious and avoid getaways that are any longer than a weekend jaunt.

    Other tips include keeping a sense of humor, planning together and spending time apart during the trip.

    Travel experts at Budget Travel also suggest avoiding jam-packed itineraries which can be stressful and likewise going solo and regrouping afterwards to share your experiences together.

    Tips for traveling as a couple

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