‘Identity Thief’s’ Genesis Rodriguez: From telenovelas to Hollywood

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    Genesis Rodriguez

    T.I, left, and Genesis Rodriguez in a scene from Universal Pictures’ Identity Thief. (AP Photo/Universal Pictures)

    The stunning Genesis Rodriguez, known for her roles in Spanish and English-language soap operas, talks about her film career and her role in the upcoming comedy Identity Thief, which opens February 8th, co-starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.

    The 25-year-old actress plays Marisol, a Latina assassin with wit who along with her partner in crime Julian, played by T.I., goes after Diana (Melissa McCarthy).

    VOXXI interviewed Rodriguez about her up and coming film career and new movie.

    Q&A Genesis Rodriguez of “Identity Thief”

    VOXXI: You’re well known for your roles in soap operas like Prisionera, Dame Chocolate, and Days of Our Lives. How is your experience working in film different from those programs?

    Genesis Rodriguez: Oh wow, they’re entirely different. When you’re working in soap operas, it’s a factory of acting. You have to be turning out 35 scenes a day… it’s just a lot of work. In film you’re given two scenes a day, so you’re able to play with it. You can make every take different…it’s not just one take and you’re done. It’s very liberating in a sense. In the end though, the soap operas gave me some incredible acting training. I would be devastated and crying one scene, and laughing the next. In the end though, acting is acting. They were all excellent acting experiences.

    VOXXI: What can you tell us about your role in the upcoming film, Identity Thief?

    Genesis Rodriguez: Well basically, Marisol is a badass. She is a criminal who gets involved with stealing Sandy’s (Jason Bateman) identity. The whole film, she is chasing after Diana (Melissa McCarthy)… we do some hilariously crazy stuff along the way.

    VOXXI: You played Will Ferrell’s love interest in the comedy Casa de mi Padre. What was that like?

    Genesis Rodriguez: It was wonderful. It’s not every day you get offered to work with someone like Will Ferrell. I was just blown away… he’s my idol. I love all his work. He’s so good at what he does, and to be validated by a guy like that was just incredible. It was really a wonderful experience. I learned so much!

    VOXXI: Recently, you’ve begun gravitating a lot towards comedic performances. Why is that?

    Genesis Rodriguez: It really wasn’t a conscious decision. I don’t prefer one genre over another.  I definitely don’t want to limit myself as an actor. These opportunities are brought to me so I go for them. It’s not a plan. I’m just taking advantage of all the opportunities out there.

    VOXXI: Do you have any creative influences or inspirations?

    Genesis Rodriguez: Well, really every Latina actress is my inspiration. All of them that made me believe I could make it. Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek… all the Latinas out there who showed me it was possible. They convinced me to go for it.

    VOXXI: Any future projects?

    Genesis Rodriguez: I just finished working on the film Hours with Paul Walker… we’re all really excited for it. It’ll be premiering at the South by Southwest festival in March and will be distributed theatrically later this year. It’s about how far a couple will go to save their child after Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. It’s an incredible story… heart-wrenching though, so bring tissues!

    ‘Identity Thief’ trailer

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