2013 Super Bowl commercials: Ten of the best (videos)

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        Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco appears in the Toyota Rav4 ad "Wishes Granted," one of several 2013 Super Bowl Commercials that viewers will be waiting to see. (Screen grab YouTube)

    Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco appears in the Toyota Rav4 ad “Wishes Granted,” one of several 2013 Super Bowl Commercials that viewers will be waiting to see. (Screen grab YouTube)

    (Relaxnews) — As the Super Bowl draws closer, the buzz surrounding both the game and the Super Bowl commercials grows. Of the ads confirmed to air, a selection can be found below, listed in descending number of YouTube views.

    Super Bowl commercials cost around $3.8 million for each 30-second slot and will be viewed by an audience of over 111 million people. Often the Super Bowl commercials, such as Volkswagen’s 2011 ad “The Force,” become sensations in their own right, attracting not only millions of views on the day but also millions of viewers on video sharing sites such as YouTube.

    Here are some of confirmed 2013 Super Bowl commercials. Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite.

    2013 Super Bowl commercials

    Toyota RAV4: Kaley Cuoco in “Wish Granted”
    Car company Toyota brings American actress Kaley Cuoco on board for this fun commercial as a genie who lives in a RAV4. The genie proceeds to fulfill a family’s wishes, from being a princess to being an astronaut, though in a comedy twist the dad ends up getting a rather raw deal.
    Watch “Wish Granted” at:  (Views: 5,822,388)

    Mercedes-Benz: Kate Upton
    Possibly the most-buzzed 2013 Super Bowl commercials so far for is Mercedes-Benz’s offering an ad of high school football stars washing actress Kate Upton’s car, before becoming somewhat distracted.
    Watch: (Views 5,653,936)

    Audi of America (VW)
    Audi is letting viewers choose from one of three adverts they wish to see aired at this year’s Super Bowl. Viewers can vote for their favorite online, but the one causing the most buzz, “Prom,” features a young man going on his own to prom. After his dad gives him the keys to his Audi, he is filled with courage, parks the car in the principal’s spot, walks into prom and kisses the prom queen, much to the annoyance of her date. The young man is then shown driving home, whooping in delight with a black eye. The ad closes with the tag line “Bravery. It’s what defines us.”
    Watch “Prom”: (Views: 2,931,631)

    Volkswagen: “Get Happy”
    Volkswagen’s ad features a white man, apparently from Minnesota, speaking in a Jamaican accent and acting very laidback while his colleagues are absorbed in their stressful work environment. The 2013 Super Bowl commercial has attracted a huge amount of attention, partly due to accusations of racist undertones.
    Watch: (Views: 2,888,072 )

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