2013 Super Bowl ads, are they too sexy, racist or boring?

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    Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl ads

    Mercedes Benz shows the Super Bowl advertisement for the company. (AP Photo/Mercedes Benz)

    Several 2013 Super Bowl ads have come under fire for all the wrong reasons.

    Whether it is too sexy, boring or racist, there seems some added attention to every ad that is being published for the viewer to watch before the Super Bowl.

    It stated with Kate Upton’s Mercedes-Benz car wash ad. Although Upton was portrayed as a sexual figure, it really didn’t cross the line of indecency.

    Let the people be the judge of this years ads if they are racist, too sexy or just plain boring.

    Five of the 2013 Super Bowl ads that would make you think


    Volkswagen has made quite a buzz but for the wrong reasons. An ad that is meant to be comical features a white male speaking in a Jamaican accent throughout the commercial.


    The Coke chase argument for being racist might be difficult to spot at first glance, but in the beginning an Arab man with his camel are left behind by the other people whom are using other types of transportation to reach the Coke bottle. Is it racist, no.

    Diet Coke

    A classic ad that involves a man cutting grass and a group of women staring and talking amongst themselves. The “too sexy” angle is what the gardener does after he takes off his shirt.


    An interesting commercial of “selling your soul.” In exchange for your signature you obtain the new Mercedes-Benz and all the riches that comes with it. Although there is nothing wrong, it does lead us to our material world we live in.

    Go Daddy

    Every guy believes that he has an original idea, only to find out someone else has beaten them to it. In the Go Daddy ad, different men from different races all believe they have an original idea but delays putting it up as their original domain name. In the end there is all powerful white male who “always wins.”

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