Food trends in 2013: An explosion of the senses awaits

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    food trends in 2013

    Food trends in 2013 will bring about a culinary explosion of the senses, with new techniques and foods for all to enjoy. (Photo Shutterstock)

    Predictions for food trends in 2013 are mighty tasty. Food has become a hot-sexy trend itself. Even more so with the rapid introduction of smart-phones and social media playing a huge role in food porn, inspiring foodies of all backgrounds to interact more around food. You name it; from celebrity chefs, fancy cookbooks, food shows and competitions, food wants to be seen, touched, smelled and tasted. What’s not hot about it? Yet what we have experienced so far, is only the beginning of an avalanche of Picassian dishes and an explosion of creativity that paves the way for food trends in 2013.

    Food trends in 2013

    2012 opened the door to a new awareness in the way we eat and the food we bring to our daily table. Therefore kale, the super vegetable, will remain the queen of greens simply because it is loaded with fiber, protein, chlorophyll and antioxidants. The more we become aware of what we eat, the more these superfoods will remain on the top of everyone’s list.

    Fermented foods: Though they’ve been around for centuries, fermented foods have been rediscovered and reintroduced to our daily diet in 2012 and will continue to do so in 2013. And since fermented foods are a bit pricey the next step will be to start making them at home in a very affordable and easy way.

    Sriracha: It has been everywhere; from sauces, mayonnaise, popcorn and even ice cream. If you are done with it, don’t hold your breath. Sriracha is not done yet, and will soon be seen in your favorite chocolates, beers, and even in decadent recipes like custards, and the ever eternal Latin classics like mojo sauce.

    The continuation of locally sourced in-season food: As popular as it got in 2012, we should see a continuation of this trend when it comes to choosing healthier, richer, more nutritious ways to eat and better ways to make a difference on the planet. Food awareness is only picking up momentum so when it comes to fresh, local and seasonal produce the tendency in 2013 will be growing them at home or even on your rooftop like many high-end restaurants in cities like New York and Chicago are now doing.

    Fair trade, organic and non-GMO: We will see more debates around these topics and emphasis in fair trade practices, organic and non-GMO produce, more so on those we use and crave daily like soy, canola, corn, coffee and chocolate that have been suffering a lot from both the changes in the environment and the abusive harvesting and processing.

    Stevia is called the good sweetener because it is a natural plant extract and it is considered one of the best sweeteners available since you only needs a little bit to sweeten any drink since it is twice as sweet as sugar. The stevia trend just got started. We should see it become hotter in the next two years when flavors become milder and chefs start using it instead of sugar.

    What 2013 has in store

    food trends in 2013

    In food trends in 2013, popcorn makes the list because it a great snack low in calories, can actually provide a significant amount of the USDA recommended amount of whole grain in your daily diet and is packed with antioxidants. (Photo Shutterstock)

    Aroniaberry: This berry, though not new for the indigenous in the Amazon, will become the next “super fruit” for the rest of world due to their tremendous amount of antioxidants and healing properties, more so than acai and blueberries.

    Popcorn: Packing more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables, this crunchy, movie-staple humble item will be “popping” up in more gourmet, and creative ways like salads, desserts, tacos, ice cream, protein bars and even as a granola-replacement for breakfast.

    Healthier snacks and comfort food: They used to be hard to find, now healthier snacks like Terra chips have sprouted pretty much everywhere, and they will become even more popular in 2013 with their purple potatoes, carrots, taro, sweet potatoes and beets. Inside this, we will also see a trend of more diversified breakfast’s to-go aiming to create a fuller feeling for a longer time. Loved by all, comfort foods are being revamped; they will take a new place in the kitchen: a healthier, leaner one.

    Sour, tart, bitter flavors: They had a shy start in 2012, but 2013 will definitely be their year as they share the same shelf as fermented foods. This even includes the hotness of adding raw apple vinegar to your daily water intake.

    In terms of cuisines, we are going back to basics leaving cuisines like Nuevo Latino way behind. The clean, rich, robust and fresh South American flavors will start to emerge as one cuisine leading the way on how many chefs will start cooking next. Dishes will become smaller as part of the trend of making healthier eating habits and eating more mindfully where not necessarily more is better.

    Red blends and craft beers will be something to watch out for this food trend in 2013 as they will become part of pretty much every menu and table. As well as bitters and aperitifs like Fernet Branca, Carpano, Martini, Campari and Cinzano. Negroni, 2013 is your year!

    Hemp seeds: Though chia seeds will remain trending on the top 10 superfoods and hopefully we will have a better harvest in 2013, hemp seeds will be taking over the top place on the superfood list due to its high content of protein, fiber and fatty acids.

    Last but not least, kohlrabi will be the “new hot potato.” Related to the cabbage family, this vegetable tastes very much like broccoli and has as many great health benefits as jicama. So you will definitely see it a lot more either raw in salads, sandwiches and slaws, or fried, baked or roasted.


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