Should teachers be armed in order to protect students?

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    Teachers armed

    Should we be providing teachers with basic arms training and access to weapons as a reasonable step toward protecting the children of the United States?

    Do killers pick schools because they are full of helpless victims? If you answered “yes” to that question, does that mean you might consider providing teachers with basic arms training and access to weapons as a reasonable step toward protecting the children of the United States? These are the type of questions being asked in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

    “I don’t think that more guns is a solution to these massive shootings,” Najwa Mohamed, a university PsyD major, told VOXXI.  “There needs to be laws banning automatic and semiautomatic guns, and there needs to be stricter laws and background checks on everyone who tries to purchase a gun. Guns in school is just a bad idea, they could get in the wrong hands and end up doing more harm than good.”

    Armed teachers

    Even though we trust teachers with student education, educators are still humans and suffer from the same mental health issues as the rest of the population. (Shutterstock photo)

    Both sides of the argument have strong opinions, and some, like John Hinderaker at Power Line, told The Week, allowing teachers to carry guns would take the vulnerability out of schools.

    “Killers who want to go out in a ‘blaze of notoriety’ pick schools because they’re full of helpless victims. Give teachers the means to stop them and the murderers will stay away—’no one tries to shoot up a biker bar,’ he said.

    Todd Hathaway, a helicopter pilot and father of two, agrees allowing teachers to be armed may have a beneficial impact; however, he feels there needs to be a formal regulatory process.

    “It seems a reasonable option until a better solution exists,” Hathaway told VOXXI. “But if that is their fix for the problem, in lieu of police or armed security, it should be mandated that a teacher carry, not just have the option to. What a shame if a teacher is ‘allowed’ to carry, and decides not to on a day when it could be crucial. Of course standardized, recurrent training will need to be done. We don’t need untrained [individuals] waving their guns around our kids.”

    Some parents and teachers feel the unpredictability of mental disorders and the inability of the average person to recognize mental illness, make keeping guns in school impractical. While a teacher is in charge of a child’s education, teachers are still humans, and as such are still subject to the same emotional and mental stresses, which could eventually develop into a dangerous situation, even more so if they are armed.

    Despite the potential risks, support for arming teachers is found even among politicians, and the Associate Press reports Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has voiced his support for allowing teachers and school administrators to carry concealed handguns, though he feels districts should be free to make their own call regarding such a policy.

    Do you believe teachers should be trained and allowed to carry weapons at school, in order to protect our children?

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