Heisman Trophy: No hope for defensive players

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    Manti Te'o didn't win the Heisman Trophy

    Heisman Trophy finalist Manti Te’o, a linebacker from Notre Dame, speaks to his fellow nominees at a news conference prior to the announcement of the trophy winner, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012, in New York. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

    For the third consecutive year the coveted Heisman Trophy went to a quarterback. Texas A&M freshman quarterback Johnny Football Menziel beat out Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

    First the first time in Heisman history, the award went to a freshman. Menziel defeated the senior linebacker by a 2,029 to 1,706 point margin and also collected 474 first-place votes to Te’o’s 321.

    Heisman Trophy is strictly offensive minded

    The significance of Saturday’s award ceremony basically proved there is no hope for any defensive player to win the award. Te’o is an amazing linebacker and will have a chance to end his collegiate career as a champion but not even his impressive year could beat a freshman quarterback.

    According to blecher report, “It has to do with the perspectives in place that surround the game as much as it does the end result.”

    “If Te’o wasn’t good enough in voters’ eyes, it’s extremely unlikely another defensive player will come along that can swing voters enough to win the award.”

    Fans and voters have to be entertained and clearly throwing a ton of touchdowns will give you a big advantage among the group. “Poor tackling, high-point totals and touchdowns are what sells.”

    “Te’o was the model candidate to break the mold and win the award. He was the leader and central figure on one of the top defenses in the nation. Oh, and by the way, that team—Notre Dame—is also the No. 1-ranked team in the country and competing for the national championship.”

    Manziel isn’t even playing in a BCS bowl game but yet he’s good enough to beat an athlete who is in the most important game in college football.

    If the Heisman is strictly offensive then the name of the award should be changed. Not to take away anything from Manziel, who has had a record breaking season, but a different approach has to be taken.

    Te’o hasn’t gone empty handed, he was honored with six awards including the Maxwell Award. Te’o broke the record with the most awards won on the night.

    What is missing is the glass football.


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