Powerball mystery man still at large, but clues emerge

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    powerball mystery man

    In this screen grab from NBC’s report, the Powerball mystery man, who walked into a Maryland gas station with the second winning Powerball ticket on Thursday, was tracked down working at the Virginia Department of Transportation.

    There were two winning tickets for the record breaking Powerball jackpot of $587 million and only one has been claimed.

    One of the two winning Powerball tickets, from Arizona and Missouri, have been claimed by couple Mark and Cindy Hill from Missouri, who will take home an estimated $192.5 million. The other ticket, according to reports, goes to a Powerball mystery man who may work for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

    The Powerball mystery man walked into an Exxon station in Upper Marlboro, Maryland with his ticket on Thursday, November 29. He asked the store’s manager Negassi Ghebre if he had the winning numbers, reports KSDK.com, and Ghebre confirmed he did.

    “I say ‘Yes! That’s, you got it!’ I say. That’s the right number,” Ghebre told the reporter. The Powerball mystery man told a customer at the store that he had just come from Arizona and that he was in the military.

    According to surveillance tapes obtained by NBC, the Powerball mystery man is seen walking into the convenience store and moving his arms up and down in excitement upon having his winning ticket confirmed by the clerk. The man seen wearing a yellow uniform with the letters VDOT on the back gave some money to a customer who was short at the register.

    NBC tracked down the Powerball mystery man back at work the next day. He drove off in a black SUV, the same kind that was spotted at the Maryland gas station.

    A co-worker, who NBC identified as a man from the surveillance tapes that accompanied the Powerball mystery man to the gas station, said, “I promised the gentleman to wait until he comes forth to speak to you all publicly.”

    The Powerball mystery man has 180 days to claim his winning ticket in Arizona. It is worth an estimated $200 million.

    Video: Powerball mystery man walks into gas station

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