Madonna’s daughter Lourdes wants to be independent at 16

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    madonna's daughter lourdes

    Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon Ciccone wants to move away from her mom at 16 years old. (Photo/ celebitchy)

    Is Madonna’s daughter Lourdes ready to live on her own?

    Several news outlets are reporting that Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (aka Lola), wants to move away from mom at the tender age 16.

    According to The Sun newspaper, Lourdes is ready to leave home for college in order “to escape her mum’s glitzy showbiz lifestyle.” Apparently, she’s fed up with being in the spotlight and that’s the reason why she didn’t go on stage during Madonna’s last tour. Lola might have set her sights on studying performing arts at Bard College, a private university just outside New York that is rated as one of the most liberal in the U.S. The precocious teenager would pay the fees with profits from her Material Girl kids clothing line.

    Parentdish reports that Madonna has bought Lourdes a stunning apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, just a few blocks from the Ciccone family home, and convenient for their beloved Kaballah Centre. The news cites Madonna as “being confident the flat will give Lourdes the freedom she craves while ‘still enabling her to keep an eye on the little madam.’” Young Lola is, understandably, thrilled with getting her first place of her own. Her brand new flat is (of course) on a safe block with security, a gym and a pool. “She wants it done up to her taste and then it will be decided who shares with her and when she moves in.”

    But Digitalspy says that the 16-year-old fashion designer is said to be considering living with her dad, personal trainer Carlos Leon, after a series of arguments with her mother. The website mentions a source telling Grazia magazine: “They have been arguing like crazy. But Madonna would rather try to sort things out. She’s not happy about Lourdes leaving home and moving in with her father, but the girl seems to have her mind made up.”

    Madonna recently cancelled her Australian tour, saying that she wanted to spend more time with her family. Apparently, arguments between the singer and her daughter have been said to range from Lourdes’s choice of friends to her relationship with Madonna’s 24-year-old boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat. After Lourdes had been caught smoking earlier this year, Madonna said: “It’s hard—every day is a negotiation.”

    Madonna’s daughter Lourdes: Spoiled or smart little lady?

    madonna's daughter lourdes

    Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon Ciccone wants to move away from her mom at 16 years old. In this photo, Madonna and Lourdes attend the launch of their ‘Material Girl’ clothing line at Macy’s Herald Square on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010 in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

    Reading these news reports has made me smile and remember how at 16, I just wanted to turn 18 and move away from my parents to settle down in London. I felt so mature, so full of life! I just wanted to conquer the world! But when I finally became 18 nothing had really changed. I was the overprotected daughter of two typical Latino parents and had no money of my own and zero possibilities of living in another country.

    Many comments on social networks or online forums say that Lola is a spoiled child, and that moving to a luxury flat bought by your rich mommy is not exactly a way of becoming independent from her. I do not know Lourdes, but when I see her pictures I get the impression of a young girl who is as rebellious as she is smart—very much like her mother when she was Lola’s age. Let’s not forget that Madonna moved to New York at 18 without money or contacts, and soon became a style icon, a beloved pop star and one of the most famous women in the world.

    A young girl willing to live her own way

    Madonna’s daughter Lourdes obviously is way more privileged than her own mother was and more than just about any other 16 year-old girl in the world. Her circumstances are peculiar. Lola has lived surrounded by fame and money since birth. She has traveled, lived abroad, had access to luxuries and opportunities that most people don’t reach in a lifetime. Surely she’s prepared to live life by herself (and a little court of assistants, of course).

    But let’s forget about money and fame, the fact that she’s the daughter of a living legend, and a successful designer at a tender age. We have a teenager who wants to live life her own way. Lola is at “that” age when a girl needs to separate from mommy and build her own identity. But it turns out she has a mother who is overwhelmingly popular, charismatic and powerful. It won’t be easy for her to stop being “Madonna’s daughter,” especially considering that she wants to follow an artistic path too. Ah, this is the price of privilege. Certainly, living away from mom will suit young Lola.

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