Joe Biden says Romney doesn’t respect Latinos

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    Joe Biden stated that Mitt Romney doesn't respect Latinos.

    Vice President Joe Biden indicated that Mitt Romney doesn’t respect Latinos and encouraged Latino voters to back President Barack Obama. (AP Photo)

    Vice President Joe Biden indicated that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney doesn’t respect Latinos and encouraged Latino voters to back President Barack Obama.

    In an interview released Tuesday, Biden was asked by Univision Radio’s Enrique Santos why undecided Latino voters should vote for Obama over Romney. He responded saying it is “a matter of simple respect. ”

    “It’s all about genuine respect,” Biden told Santos. “In the neighborhoods I come from you can tell, you can tell when people genuinely respect you. Genuinely want you participating. Genuinely want you on, genuinely understand the potential, the incredible potential that exists in the community.”

    He also indicated that Republicans hadn’t paid much attention to the Latino community until recently when it became evident that Latino voters could determine the presidential race in toss-up states like Florida, Nevada, Colorado and Ohio.

    Joe Biden thinks that Romney doesn’t respect Latinos

    “All of the sudden those guys who paid no attention to you—no attention to the Hispanic community, no attention to the Latino community,” Biden said, “—all of the sudden they are going to say, ‘Oh my Lord, I guess we better get in line with the president. I guess we better start moving in the direction of paying attention to this incredible, this incredible pool of talent.'”

    He went on to give a list of reasons why Latinos should pick the Obama-Biden ticket, starting with how Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan would cut Pell Grants. Biden said this would have a significant impact on Latinos considering that 16.5 percent of all college students are Hispanic.

    On the issue of immigration, he said Obama and the Democratic Party would continue pushing to pass an immigration reform.

    “Right now you got the president and I and a lot of Democrats out there breaking our neck, trying to get a real immigration law that takes millions of people out of the shadows,” he said. “[We’re] making sure that dreamersdon’t have to go back—in many cases—to countries they never been.”

    Some disagree with Joe Biden’s remarks

    But Luis Alvarado, a Romney supporter and former Los Angeles regional chairman for the McCain/Palin campaign, disagreed with much of Biden’s remarks.

    He refuted the vice president’s comments of how Romney doesn’t respect Latinos, saying it is Obama who has been “disrespectful” to Latinos by failing to deliver on his promises.

    “He promised the Latino community that he would pass an immigration reform, but he didn’t keep his promise and instead delivered a concert to of excuses, ” he said referring to comments Obama made during Univision’s “Meet the Candidates” forum in September.

    “That is more disrespectful than any statement Romney has made,” he added.

    The California resident also criticized Obama for presenting the deferred action program for undocumented youth until the end of his first presidential term, suggesting that he was pandering to Latino voters.

    Furthermore, he criticized the president for splitting families by deporting a record number of undocumented immigrants. Since taking office in 2008, nearly 400,000 undocumented immigrants have been deported. Obama has defended those numbers arguing that a large portion of them have criminal records or pose a threat to the U.S.

    On jobs, Alvarado pointed out that Latinos have averaged an unemployment rate that surpasses the national average by 2 percent since 2008.

    “Those are all signs of disrespect for the Latino community,” he said of the record number of deportations and the high unemployment rates.


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