Halloween costumes: 2012 best sellers including Big Bird

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    This year’s top Halloween costumes brings back some old favorites like pirates, cheerleaders, sexy nurses and some new ones like Big Bird. Watch our video report.

    Halloween costumes, Big Bird

    Plan on seeing an abundance of Big Bird Halloween costume thanks to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney who brought the Big Bird back.

    The National Retail Federation reports that seven out of 10 Americans will be celebrating Halloween this year. This means more spending on things like decorations, candy and of course Halloween costumes. According to the NFR this year’s spending is up when compared to last year’s, with expected spending of a total of $8 billion dollars this year alone. The average person will spend around $79.82 preparing for this holiday, which is almost impossible to celebrate without a costume.

    And when it comes to playing dress up, adults usually get their Halloween costumes ideas from an online search, through friends and family and through a visit to a costume shop.

    What are this year’s most popular Halloween costumes?

    Shows like Glee and the start of football season always remind us girls and sometimes boys, how fun it could be to be a cheerleader even if it’s just for one night. Year after year the short skirt, cute top, pompoms and sneakers that make up this Halloween costume are chosen by thousands.

    For men, there’s also the pirate which can easily double as a renaissance man.

    For those Alice in Wonderland fans, the Mad Hatter Halloween costume along with Alice are common.

    Women are known for choosing this holiday to get dressed up sexier than usual but I was surprised to find out that sales for this type of costumes are not as high as they have been in previous years. But the sexy cop, swat, bunny, and nurse still remain popular.

    And of course this year’s top Halloween costume seller in both kids and adults is Big Bird, after Mitt Romney’s comment at the presidential debate the sales for the costume were at an all-time high.

    We visited Costume World, a popular costume shop to get a firsthand view of 2012’s top Halloween costumes. Watch our report below to see some of the Halloween costumes mentioned.

    Watch video of 2012’s top Halloween costumes

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