Alexis Wright: The Zumba scandal and the hypocrisy around prostitution

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    Alexis Wright

    Alexis Wright, 29, turns towards her attorney Sarah Churchill, left, during her arraignment Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012 in Portland, Maine on 109 counts of prostitution, violation of privacy, tax evasion and other charges for allegedly providing sex for money at her Kennebunk fitness studio and office. Wright pleaded not guilty on charges she ran a prostitution business out of her Kennebunk Zumba studio and secretly filmed her encounters. (AP Photo/Joel Page)

    Last week, authorities released 21 names of men who were issued summons for engaging in prostitution with Zumba instructor Alexis Wright. The 29-year-old woman is charged with turning her dance studio in Kennebunk, Maine, into a brothel and secretly videotaping her encounters with men who were unaware they were being filmed.

    The news came as a shock in this small beach town of about 10,000 residents, who are now expecting many more names to be revealed. Police say up to 150 people are suspected of being clients of Alexis Wright and appear on recordings, including lawyers, law enforcement officers and other respectable members of the community.

    Alexis Wright Zumba scandal

    This story has all the elements of a telenovela. A young, beautiful, protagonist, a fitness enthusiast who also happens to be a calculating, astute prostitute who earned up to $ 150,000 in 18 months. An idyllic village, famous for its beautiful beaches and wealthy residents. And a bunch of men terrified because their dirty relationships with Wright are about to come to light. Wow!

    Everyone seems so surprised. Some of the residents have said they never imagined that the sweet Zumba teacher could be a prostitute. But hey, 10,000 residents aren’t very many. In a small town, everyone hears rumors, although some of them pretend not to.

    When women are divided into two categories

    I wonder how many wives of the men accused will feel truly surprised. Because, after all, this story tells of the macho mentality that divides women into two categories. On one side, the wife, the Virgin Mary figure, selfless and pure. The queen of the home, the mother of his children, but not a sexual partner to play naughty games with. That, they leave for the prostitute-type, women like Wright. Young, liberal and sexual. How hypocritical.

    Unfortunately many married women have supported this traditional mentality and that’s the reason why I believe that many of these johns’ wives will act as if they’re shocked to see their husbands on the list. But they’re only playing to the gallery.

    Prostitution scandals of the rich and famous

    Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and prostitution scandals still make their way into the headlines over and over. Remember New York Governor Eliot Spitzer? He was forced to resign after being identified as “Client-9″ for the Emperors Club VIP, a high-end prostitution ring to which Spitzer allegedly paid thousands of dollars to have sex with a prostitute named “Kristen.” Similar is the case of Louisiana’s Republican Senator David Vitter, identified as a client of “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s prostitution service in Washington, D.C.

    And who can forget when actor Hugh Grant was arrested in Los Angeles after being caught in a public place with Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown? She wasn’t one of the Heidi Fleiss girls, though. Known as The Hollywood Madam, Fleiss led a high-end prostitution ring for numerous famous and wealthy clients (like Charlie Seen) in and around Hollywood.

    The truth is that these rich and powerful men have always sought the company of prostitutes. It’s part of the game and everyone knows it, including their wives. I think we should stop throwing up our hands in horror when these stories come to light, and go for a change of mind instead. I know it sounds naive, but don’t you think it’s about time that men and women learn to enjoy sex free of guilt or outdated beliefs?


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