Lucila Sola, from Al Pacino to Luis Miguel?

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    Lucila Polak Sole

    (Photo/ BrasilFashionNews)

    Former Al Pacino’s girlfriend, Lucila Polak, 33, is now rumored to be dating the famous Mexican singer, Luis Miguel, 42. Polak, now known as Lucila Sola (she changed her last name to make it sound ‘more Latino’), was born in Argentina from a rich family. Daughter of a politician, Federico Polakhe was the spokesman of ex-president Raul AlfonsínSolá never followed her family tradition of graduating from college.

    Lucila Solá and Luis Miguel

    Lucila Sola with famous Mexican singer, Luis Miguel. (Photo ¡Hola! Argentina via ceropolitica)

    On the contrary, from a young age, Sola was instead fascinated by the modeling and show business world.

    “My mother told me that when I was two years old, I was already playing to be an actress over the family piano, but I never thought that performance could be a career for me,” she said  in an interview for El Clarín Argentina.

    At a very young age, Sola began modeling and had casual appearances on television. When she was 19 years old she fell in love with Máximo Marrone and moved to live with him in Los Angeles. They had a daughter, Camila.

    Al Pacino and Lucila Polak

    Al Pacino and Lucila Sola arrive at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

    Years later, Solaalready divorced from Marronemet Hollywood star Al Pacino, 40 years her senior. She began a serious relationship with him that lasted almost three years. In the meantime, she continued her pursuit of an acting career and spent the rest of the time taking care of her daughter Camila.

    “When I go to castings, nobody even knows he (Al Pacino) is my boyfriend,” she said to El Clarin in 2009. “What really helps me (from being with him) is how much he truly believes in me.”

    As an actress, in Argentina, Sola has starred in the film “Un buen día” by Enrique Torres and Nicolás Del Boca and among her acting roles in the United States, are one she played in “Wilde Salome” directed by Al Pacino.

    In several occasions, when asked about the difference in age between her and Al Pacino, Sola assured that “age is something relative” and that Al Pacino opened the doors to a fascinating cultural universe and introduced her to a whole new intellectual and artistic world.

    Now separated from the movie star, rumors abound that she is the new leading lady of “El Sol de Mexico” Luis Miguel.

    Watch this interview with Lucila Polak – (2 parts in Spanish):

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