What is the Moms Return to School grant for single mothers?

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    UPDATE 9/19/2013

    The Moms Return to School grant is no longer available.

    The Moms Return to School scholarship program is designed to offer education grants to single mothers. These grants, which are federally and privately funded, are available to more than 200,000 single mothers in the United States.

    Despite unfavorable economic times, or perhaps in spite of them, the United States government remains committed to helping single mothers finish their education. The thought process is that returning to school while the economy remains in a downturn will see many single mothers qualified and prepared to fill job positions once the recession ends.

    What is the Moms Return to School grant?

    The Moms Return to School grant is a specified non-repayable sum of money given to more than 200,000 eligible single mothers to complete any level of education. The Obama administration has set federal grants worth up to $10,000 for eligible single mothers.

    Obama education grants for single moms

    The grants can be applied to any qualifying college or university tuition fees. This includes online courses.  (Photo/ momscholarships)

    In addition to this grant, the new Federal Pell Grant bill, sees an increase in existing education grants and can add another $5,000 of grant money to low-income single mother students.

    Where can single mothers use these grants?

    The grants can be applied to any qualifying college or university tuition fees. This includes online courses for single mothers who are unable to attend a physical campus, or single mothers who prefer to remain at home with their children.

    The grant money can be used toward course fees, books, transportation and even Internet bills for single mothers who choose to complete their education at home.

    Who is eligible for the grants?

    Single mothers in the United States with low incomes are eligible to apply for Obama’s Moms Return to School grants. Whether you are a non-working stay at home mother, a full-time working mom, or a part-time working mother, you can be eligible for a grant.

    How do I apply?

    single moms going back to school

    Mothers who have a completed education place themselves in an improved financial position by qualifying for better career opportunities. (Photo StudentAdvisor)

    The first step to eligibility is to apply for the federal student aid online through FAFSA . The application is free to fill out and requires basic information to determine if a single mother is a possible candidate for the education grant.

    What are the benefits of going back to school?

    Millions of single mothers struggle to make ends meet – to pay the bills, feed their families and meet basic healthcare and education needs. Mothers who have a completed education place themselves in an improved financial position by qualifying for better career opportunities. Going back to school as a single mother provides a positive influence by becoming an encouraging role model for their children.



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