These are the hottest hair color trends for fall 2012

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    hair color for fall

    Hairspiration: these celebrities know how to rock a wearable yet fun color. (Photo: Shutterstock)

    Hair color trendWith a new season around the corner, we can’t help but wonder what will be in vogue as far as beauty trends. This time, let’s talk about hair – the latest hair color trends for autumn are simple to recreate and can do wonders for your look if you don’t have a large budget to update your wardrobe.

    Take a look at these celebrities as an example on how to freshen up your hair style.

    One recommendation: when in doubt, consult an expert. Remember, more than following specific trends, you need to know what looks good on you and, most importantly, whether you’ll have the time and money to keep it up.

    Blonde hair: not your average kind

    This year, blonde hair should look polished and sophisticated. Think of golden undertones for a more real color and leave behind harsh highlights. But don’t worry, a little bit ofintended—dark roots can give you a “I was born with it” style. Your celeb inspiration: Heidi Klum.

    Brunettes: show your rich side

    Dark brown hair is a safe bet for many women.

    It’s easy to get and you have a galore of options to choose from. However, color can become dull and outdated if not kept well.

    Adding a few chocolate highlights will give dimension to solid, boring hair—please note I said chocolate, not platinum. This trend is more like brown-over-brown. Your celeb inspiration: Liv Tyler.

    Redhead: two sides of the same coin

    No more carrot-tops here! Redheads have become an obsession in Hollywood but keep it real, girls.

    As you probably would have paler skin in fall, it’s nice to balance red hues with warmer colors.  Rich copper, bronze and auburn are vibrant shades yet totally wearable if your complexion allows it.

    Intimidated? Strawberry blonde hair can be that soft touch of je ne sais quoi you need.  Your celeb inspiration: Isla Fisher.

    Multicolored highlights or colored hair: not just for teenagers

    If you happen to have a wild, flirty side, this trend is for you.

    Pastel colors such as pink, baby blue, lavender and even gray or green are taking over fashion runways and streets, and you can recreate it at home (with non-permanent formulas or extensions) without bleaching or putting your day-job at risk. Your celeb inspiration: Katy Perry.

    Ombré hair: your 15 minutes of fame are still up

    Haters and lovers, ombré hair will stay at least for another year.

    An easy to keep color yet unique and sexy, your ombré now has to be softer than ever, as if you spent a summer in the South of France (hey, we need to use our imagination, right?). Make sure to ask for hues that complement your natural hair color. Your celeb inspiration: Jessica Biel.

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