Fashion for the stay at home mom

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    It’s a real challenge to find clothes in your closet that not only fit you but work for your new mommy duties after you have a baby.

    Often, when you decide to be a stay at home mother, money becomes a bit tight and a new wardrobe isn’t in your foreseeable future so, what’s a mujer to do?

    There are some key ways to work with what you have and add the pieces you need to create a sense of fashion for the stay at home mom.



    The key to looking and feeling good in your clothes is having them fit your properly. This is so hard to do after having a baby, I know, so go easy on yourself in the beginning.

    For a couple of months (minimum), stick to stretchy yoga pants and nursing tanks that would fit pretty much anybody.

    You should be sleeping when the baby is sleeping anyway so you want to be super comfy and feel like you’re in easy-to-wear jammies all day.

    When you’re ready (and I mean really ready) to venture into your closet, set aside two solid hours to try on everything you own. Seriously. Do it. As you’re trying things on, create piles. Your piles should be, “stuff that fits me now,” “stuff that I want to fit me,” and “stuff that I have no business wearing anymore because I’m a mommy.”

    You may find that you only have a handful of pieces that fit you now. Hang those up prominently in your closet and put the pieces that you will fit into again directly behind them.

    You don’t want to reach for those items on a regular basis but you don’t want to completely forget about them either. Donate the rest. Just do it.


    A stay at home mommy needs clothes that can get dirty and wash well and allow her to bend and stretch all day while getting up and down from the floor or climbing the jungle gym to rescue a toddler or two.

    Keep in mind that natural fabrics will feel best against your (and your baby’s) skin and remember that patterns can camouflage stains, spit-up and breasts that leak.

    As far as specific items, you need to have the basics: a pair of jeans, shorts or capris, a skirt, a dress, a few tops that are breastfeeding accessible if you’re nursing and a sweater or fitted jacket.

    Those basics have to fit you perfectly (see above) in order to truly be functional because, let’s face it, if your jeans are falling down your bottom all day or you’re having to pull your too-tight shirt down to cover up your belly, your clothes are not serving you well.


    Here’s the fun part. You’ve got the basics and they fit the body you have now (not the body you want to have… we’ll get there… eventually…), how do you still feel fun and flirty? Let’s talk flare. I mean accessories, shoes and even your diaper bag.

    Look at your personal spending style. Women fall into one of two categories: quantity or quality shoppers.

    There’s no shame either way, it’s just the way you like to spend your money! You either want lots of less expensive options available to you or you’re willing to spend more money on a single, high quality item.

    Once you figure out your spending style, figure out what accessories, shoes and bags you want.

    Perhaps one bold, statement necklace of amazing quality that you will wear every day because it makes you feel like a million bucks is what you need or maybe you would prefer to have ten cheaper necklaces so you can layer or change it up every day.

    Scarves are great mom accessories to have on hand to cover up the aforementioned stains and leaks. And never underestimate the power of the bag you’re carrying.

    My mother-in-law was generous enough to buy me a designer diaper bag when Annabelle was born and that one luxury item in a wardrobe of cheap basics makes me feel expensive.

    There is hope for us stay at home moms to feel and look good. It takes a bit of work, some planning, and the desire to maintain a sense of fashion but it absolutely can be done.

    If in doubt, grab some jeans, a basic t-shirt, ballet flats and a fabulously bright bag and you’ll look smashing on the playground, I’m sure.

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