AC Milan is slowly losing Kaká

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    Real Madrid Ricardo Kaka

    After facing his possible future club, Ricardo Kaka still remains a member of Real Madrid and most likely isn’t going to be transferred (Courtesy of Facebook)

    AC Milan is losing the fight in trying to resign their former player, Ricardo Kaká.

    Real Madrid’s head coach Jose Mourinho made clear to the media and Milan that they will not give up Kaká, “for free.”

    According the reporter Juan Jimenez, “AC Milan have declared it is “almost impossible” for Kaká to return to his old club after directors from the Rossoneri and Real Madrid met in New York on Wednesday, before Real Madrid’s 5-1 win over Milan in the Yankee Stadium.”

    Jimenez reported that Milan’s club owner, Adrinao Galliani, spoke with Sky Sport 24 an Italian channel, ‘He said: “Signing Kaká is very difficult because the costs have risen and his salary is massive. I would say it’s almost impossible. We’ll keep talking, but I don’t want to give our fans false hope. The transfer is very, very, very difficult.”‘

    Although Milan will continue to negotiate with Madrid, the odds are quickly fading. It all comes down to the money, something Milan doesn’t have the means to spend like crazy.

    “Milan are in the process of trying to reduce their expenditure and pay off their debts, a move which saw them sell Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to Paris Saint-Germain last month. Therefore they are unwilling to pay Madrid the asking price for Kaká and keep on pushing for a loan deal which would see Madrid pay half of the Brazilian’s salary.”

    Mourinho has expressed his feelings on Kaka’s situation, he has put pressure on his Brazilian footballer but on Wednesday he was direct with his feelings to the media.

    According to reporter J.L. Guerrero from Mourinho was quoted, ‘”I’m happy if Kaká wants to stay and I’m happy if he wants to go. I’ve always said that players should play wherever they want to. He’s a very good footballer and he’s good enough to play at the highest level. If he decides to stay, that’s brilliant. If he wants to leave, that’s fine as well, but we’re not going to give him away for free. If Milan want to buy him, they’ll have to pay for him.”‘

    Milan wants to sign with a loan making Madrid pay for half of Kaká’s salary. Madrid signed Kaká in 2009 for 67 million euros and not willing to pay for half of his salary. Kaká still has three years left on his contract and by the looks of the situation, Kaká is staying in Madrid.

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