“Spain is an amazing place. It’s a great country. It’s got a fever and this is the time to take advantage of it. Spain holds great opportunities for investing.”

These could be my words, but in fact this is a quote from business tycoon and real estate mogul Donald Trump, in an interview a few days ago on CNBC´s Squawk Box.

Spain is one of Europe´s leading economies, and it has experienced a tremendous growth since its entrance into the European Union in 1986 and in the period between 1994 to 2007, with constant GDP growths around 3 percent yearly. In 2007, Spain reached the world´s eighth place in the GDP ranking and today it holds the 12th place.

Spain is a solid and reliable partner.

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Mario Buisan
Mario Buisan, the trade commissioner of the Embassy of Spain in Miami, FL. (Photo/ TexasEUSummit)

Mario Buisan, the trade commissioner of the Embassy of Spain in Miami, believes that “there are great opportunities in Spain nowadays, especially for greenfield investments or for setting up operations there, as a result of the constant and generalized reduction in the labor and production costs. The descent in prices in real estate across the country makes it a very attractive market now as well”.

“Once we recapitalize a part of our financial system and the deep reforms in our economic system enter into effect, we will be on the track for growth again,” Buisan said.

There are certainly interesting opportunities to invest in Spain now. In real estate, we could name some of the properties with a description such as: “Have breakfast with history every day, at our beautiful apartments overlooking Seville’s Cathedral.”

Bill Clinton said he saw the most beautiful sunset ever in Alhambra, Granada, Spain. (Photo/ IES Abroad)

And what about an apartment that comes with a romantic dinner overlooking the Alhambra in Granada,” the place where Bill Clinton said he saw the most beautiful sunset ever. The suggestive descriptions are endless. There are also good opportunities like waterfront properties on the so-called Gold Coast near Marbella or beach properties all along the Spanish coast, from north to south.

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barcelona and madrid
Photos from Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. (Photos/ BARCELONA Traveling Monkey/pbase – MADRID portugal-aktuell)

In most of those places, you will be close to the popular beach cafes and traditional restaurants where you can enjoy the best tapas ever. Spain has truly become a place with great opportunities to invest in, with the legal support and security for foreign investments that EU members represent.

When it comes to greenfield investments or setting up operations in Spain, for instance a branch or a sales office, the opportunities are also there. As the current economic reforms and improvements in the labor legal framework take place in Spain, production and labor costs are experiencing a significant drop, thus making Spain a very competitive environment within the European Union. Together with our strategic location as a gateway to Europe and very well connected to Northern Africa, any company will leverage the access to a marketplace with more than 500 million consumers.

Make Spain your business partner and it will be the “beginning of a beautiful friendship” and a productive and successful European venture.


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