No small task for Adamari Lopez, ‘Un Nuevo Dia’s’ new co-host

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    Adamari Lopez

    Adamari Lopez. (Photo/Telemundo)

    Puerto Rican actress and “Un Nuevo Dia” co-host Adamari Lopez, is intent on putting her best foot forward and moving the masses on the revamped morning show.

    It’s 7:00 a.m., and her fourth day on the job, yet the petite blonde in the green blouse and fitted-black skirt, hips swaying as she moves in circles to the music, is outworking co-worker and Spanish-language television veteran Rachel Diaz with each passing beat.

    “Un Nuevo Dia” co-host Lopez, Telemundo’s newest addition to its revamped morning show, isn’t emphatically closing a night out on the town, instead she’s moving inside a television studio as much of the country rolls out of bed—not the easiest of tasks for somebody still adjusting to rising in the wee hours and putting on her dancing shoes.

    “Don’t think for a minute that’s as easy as it looks,” the Puerto Rican Lopez, sitting in a dressing room make-up chair several hours later, told VOXXI in a recent interview. “I’m still getting used to a little bit of dancing in the morning.”

    Adamari Lopez from soap operas to morning show

    For two decades, Lopez, who portrayed radical AIDS patient Ofelia Villada in 2001’sAmigas y rivales” and a rape victim turned lesbian in “Mujer, cosas de la vida, glistened as a novela starlet and was the focus of multiple lenses intent on capturing her every move on and off camera, intensified during her four-year marriage to singer Luis Fonsi. She still finds herself at times searching for the camera, if not trying to master all the cues of live television—a far cry from the repetitious nature of an all-day soap opera recording.

    Adamari Lopez with Chef James

    Adamari Lopez with Chef James. (Photo/Telemundo)

    “It’s at the moment (live) so you have to be ready at all times, and not like a soap opera in that you can have 10 takes for one scene,” said the 41-year-old Lopez, who participated in various short plays at Teatro Tapia in Puerto Rico before arriving in Mexico to launch her novela career.

    “But at the same time something new, unexpected is like exciting to me and that’s what I’m feeling right now. I want to learn more and get to the point where I’m totally comfortable communicating with the audience.”

    In a unique and new role alongside Diaz, Omar Germenos, Azucena Cierco and Daniel Sarcos, Lopez is firm on being focused long-term on the project—one in which she is expected to be the voice of reason and resident adviser on everything from health tips to personal and marital relationships, with the interjection of feature stories— and portraying herself in a different light, while at the same time hoping to connect with a diverse audience.

    Levantate crew

    Adamari Lopez with Levántate crew. (Photo/Telemundo)

    Lopez isn’t a full-fledged rookie, having already done several segments for Univision’s “Despierta America” and Mexico, but the challenge of a live three-hour morning show was enticing.

    And not just for the chance to prove to the entire nation she has the provocative moves of a professional dancer.

    “Obviously, I’m an actress first and that’s how whoever knows me identifies me right away, but I want to work hard, lean more on this side (television) and get where I’m totally comfortable,” says Lopez, who maintains she had several projects in the works when initially approached by Telemundo about coming on board and giving the offer consideration.

    “I want people to get to know my professional side… beyond just being an actress. That’s what was so attracting to me.”

    But while non-committal about the possibility of working in television for years to come, Lopez stresses the importance of keeping her acting options wide open and comes across genuine and speaks happily about the new challenges– none of which include setting her alarm clock at 4 a.m., scanning the internet for the latest tidbits and getting a brush down from a team of producers.

    Adamari Lopez

    Adamari Lopez. (Photo/Telemundo)

    “The entire process is really exciting from getting up early to working with so many great people to connecting with the audience, it’s what I view as a tremendous challenge for me,” said Lopez, a communications graduate from Sacred Heart in Puerto Rico. “The other stuff—communicating comes natural to me.”

    Without mentioning him by name, Lopez, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, talked during a 20-minute interview about the dangers of “looking back because it isn’t very healthy” and growing wiser with age to the point of learning to “not beat herself up” about living in the public eye.

    “I think my attitude and having so many loving people around has helped me stay on course even into my 40s, beyond any exercise or physical activity. Your mindset is a major factor in keeping a youthful outlook in life,” said Lopez.

    It’s a facet on a new approach on life that Lopez hopes to transmit to aiding women and families overcome personal problems, health issues and career obstacles.

    “I want to provide a forum to let people know no matter their situation there’s a way out.”

    “Un Nuevo Dia” airs from 7 -10 a.m. Monday-Friday on Telemundo.

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