[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WjCHmhSoxc&h=360&w=640]There will be no Latin America team competing in Euro 2012, but that
doesn’t mean the Hispanic community won’t be watching.

“It’s a massive sport, you don’t really care who’s is playing as long as you see a good
game,” Hernán Flores said as he sat down for a quick smoothie.

The Hispanic community is very much excited for the highly anticipated soccer
tournament which is hosted by both Poland and Ukraine. And why wouldn’t they? The
tournament showcases the best European players in the world in the highest level of
competition next to the FIFA World Cup.

The majority did justice by picking Spain to win back-to-back titles but others predict
another a different champion.

All eyes will be on Spain, Italy, and Germany but there is always a surprise team to take
down the champion.

“Spain is the favorite for most of the people,” Diego Wainer. “I don’t think they are as
strong as they use to be.”

As for players to watch for, the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal will have fans and critics watching his every move trying to determine if he is truly is the best soccer
player in the world.

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