Father kills his daughter’s sexual abuser: But is it homicide?

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    The news is abuzz over the young father who killed his daughter’s sexual abuser after discovering him trying to assault the 4-year-old girl. Allegedly, the father (whose identity is being withheld to protect his daughter’s privacy) heard his daughter scream from a barn in his farm. He went to check and found her and the 47-year-old perpetrator (identity also withheld as authorities locate next of kin) partially dressed, his daughter struggling to get away. The father struck the man on the head so many times and with so much force that he ended the man’s life. Tragic, on all accounts.

    It’s being reported that the grand jury will look at the case and determine how to proceed with the father. He hasn’t been arrested. So…is he guilty of homicide? Was this justified defense of a third party?

    Obviously this man is not a cold-blooded killer who was looking to murder the casual acquaintance he had brought to his farm to help take care of horses. This father has to live with the guilt of ending a man’s life along with the horror of what he saw being done to his baby girl. Is this punishment enough for what this man did to the sexual abuser who was taking his daughter’s innocence, identity, and sense of self-worth?

    I don’t believe in taking the law into your own hands and I hate that this father has killed someone. But what would you have done?

    How far would you go, how hard would you fight, how crazy would you be if you witnessed the same thing happen to your child? It’s instinctual to fight to protect your children. It’s our job as parents to prevent things like thisfrom happening to our kids!

    Parents instinctively protect their children

    We are wired to protect our children. Our kids depend on us for that (Photo: Shutterstock)

    I’m a mother to two little girls. I cannot imagine what this man felt as he saw the unimaginable happen to his daughter. I can’t stand to hear my daughter cry because she stubbed her toe, I’m pretty sure I’d go mad if someone were deliberately hurting my little girls. I’m a peaceful person and I don’t believe in violence. But I believe that I too could be capable of killing to protect my daughters.

    So, how can we prevent this from happening to us? Oh, how I wish I knew. The fact is, this man had no way of knowing the ranch-hand friend of his was anything less than a stand-up guy, much less a sexual abuser. Is the lesson that we need to be paranoid private investigators on behalf of our children? Should we question anyone and everyone who may or may not have the chance to hurt them?

    Through reading about this family and what they’ve been through, I have been reminded that bad things can happen and no one is immune. I’ve also gotten a glimpse into the mother bear I could become if something like this ever happened to my child. And now? I pity the fool who would even try to hurt one of my kids, because I know I’d fight to kill in order to protect my girls. And I bet, if you did some soul searching, you know you would too.

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